Monday, 2 March 2009

Living Glass - Italy

Picture from [the cool hunter]
p.s: this is not in Kuwait :D

One of my favorite cafes in Kuwait, Waterlemon, with the lovely tables "filled with colored water" that I enjoy playing with :> I took the Livingglass URL of a table! found the lovely B.Lab with amazing floors and tables, very creative jumping from liquid underneath glass to shattered glass....

"B.lab is a multicultural, multidiscipline design laboratory which researches, develops and manufactures alternative architectural materials. Blab designs are driven by the desire to break the ordinary static aspect of our furnished environments."

Creativity is sweet :)

p.s: Thecoolhunter is a GREAT website! where creativity breeds and gets spread well, highly recommended as a regular net-stop. I think I found there my dream home :}


Marzouq said...

Now that is one cool place! Seriously a different way of thinking!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


It is! a different level of creativity brought to life