Monday, 27 July 2009

Park Mellat Cinema Complex - Iran

In the latest issue of Brownbook magazine I read an article about Park Mellat Cinema Complex in Iran. The architecture is very impressive

I wish if they added the English language to Mellat Cinema official website, the building is designed by architect Reza Daneshmir, who made a piece of art to display the art of cinema in it. Having a locally made art with in an art piece is very impressive, I admired that Mellat Cinema Complex is built creatively for the display of one of my favorite visual arts in the present time :)



Marzouq said...

My hat goes off to Persian designers, they do have a lot of talented architects and engineers to make buildings like that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I lived in Tehran for 9 years and I had no idea Mellat Park had a cinema :(

The website is mostly about the films being screened. There's only a short section in the About section the cinema itself (area, capacity, structure, etc) and these 8 pics of the inside:

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I just started to know about them and reading more about Persian designers, i must say i am impressed!


Glad u knew it from my blog :D makes u think how smaller the world is with the internet! As for the pictures thank you VERY much for giving me the link from the website that i could not understand a thing of :>

Anonymous said...

Look at this :
Iraninan Architect designs for Kuwait and ...

Q80-Chill Girl said...


This is impressive! :> I didn't know about all these designs but will dig up more info about them :D THX a loooooot

amin_128 said...

hey guys, im iranian. i was lookin for mellat complex website and i saw this link.

mellat complex was built about 2 years ago. the architecture is impressive but the outdoor lighting of cinema building is awful!

if you're in iran and know farsi then go and have a look at some of persian cults like mehrjui's "hamoun" and hatami's "mother" which will be on the screens in ramazan!

good luck!