Sunday, 2 August 2009

19 - 5 - 29

29.07.2009 : ChilloutKuwait is 5 years old
02.08.2009 : Q80-ChillGirl is 29 years old :D

Still the memory of the Iraqi invasion on our beloved Kuwait is fresh in my mind, although it is 19 years back but I still remember the morning I woke up thinking that my birthday was the most important thing in the world, to see my mother crying to the news of Iraq invading Kuwait! Today bares a bitter sweet memory, bitter for being occupied and having the most important proof of our national identity stolen! And also sweet for being liberated again, re-built again to be the Kuwait we have today. Defiantly not a perfect one and we always aim for the best, still it is so good to have a country :)

So 2009 marks the last year of my 20s :D I still don't feel that I'm as old as I should be and defiantly plan to rock in my 30s & as long as I live inshallah :>

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