Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Pic Project

Been thinking for a while about having a pic-log for a period of time, as a side independent blog, the idea it self is not new you can refer to Mark's old Moblogging from Kuwait & Miskan project, also Ameen's Piclog "Linked from Ananyah, the URL disappeared" and the loveable teddy B :>

I had two ideas

1- document bits of my days in my 30 going 31 years
2- document 2010

Each idea had the concept of a picture and a thought attached to it, doesn't have to be deep or shallow, simply a picture and a thought/ comment. Then I came to the decision of making it here, a part of my blog Chillout Kuwait. With all the fuss around, political and social, we really need to chill and think properly, see Kuwait deeply and for a change think about this country instead of just living here. So with the beggining of 2010, a series of posts will emerge with the following conditions "just to spice things up for me :p":

1- A picture every day
2- UnRepeated subject
3- UnEdited picture, only resizing is allowed
4- From my everyday life

I'm challenging my self above all, to find out if I can commit, be creative and able to document a thought that passed by my mind upon a day.....


Haneen said...

Good Luck in your project. i was thinking of doing something similar that captures day to day issues of a kuwaiti female executive...but my only challenge is time :(

Q80-Chill Girl said...


It would be great if you did it! :D to skip the time barrier make it a little flexible, or once/twice a month? give it a go :> am sure if u tried you will come up with something nice :]

Marzouq said...

That is a brilliant idea!! If you do it as separate blog, make sure to give us the link!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Will do, but currently thinking of keeping it here