Thursday, 1 July 2010

182 : Baking

I love to cook, but lately I had little time for it, today out of no where I decided to do a cake! A regular vanilla cake recipe but instead of vanilla extract I used Orange Blossom Water & Lemon Blossom JAM :> Both I got from Dean & Deluca, products from Lebanon. The outcome was good! Except that I forgot the oven heat a little high LOL, which I usually keep high in the beginning only to heat it, then set it on 150-130 to bake a cake, the moment I smelled a little burn I opened the oven lowered the heat, put the trays away from fire, and waited for a few minutes, till it passed the knife test :p

Taste is good & I always say "looks can be deceiving!" :p The problem am facing is with the texture! I want to get the recipe for a proper English cake! Will keep looking and will re-try it :]

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