Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Sunset Limited

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The sunset limited is a TV movie, based on a play written by Cormac McCarthy. The movie is quite simple and the idea behind it is defiantly NOT limited. Its about two men, one saved the other from jumping in front of a train "The Sunset Limited" in NY - USA, both stand on opposite believes, one is religious "Black - Samuel L. Jackson" and the other is an atheist "White - Tommy Lee Jones", in a 90 minute dialogue set in a single place, Samuel's living room, the most remarkable conversation takes place. The movie is not for action seekers nor the ones who want a normal thought-less and more story oriented movie, its for who wants to see both views. It is a serious intellectual movie that tackles an issue man has struggled with from ages, the two characters sum up a realistic example of two modern views. Very worth seeing however if you are not into such "literal - mental" debates, do not watch it.

Both actors were amazing, they showed each view in a touching way, you can feel the agony and happiness of each, the believe and disbelieve. The movie does not answer questions, it merely displays two views, leaves blank areas to be filled by the viewer. The only unfair drawback on it for me, is the simplicity of one's education and literal ability VS the strength of the other. All in all it was enjoyable and planted a lot of questions and answers about both.



Marzouq said...

I just downloaded this movie and I'm a fan of Samuel L Jackson, I do love the way he talks and this does seem like a very intriguing movie!

Q80-ChillGirl said...

VERY, truely one of a kind, I never thought that Hollywood would produce such an intellectually interesting movie!