Wednesday, 2 March 2011


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Samuel L. Jackson was amazing! That being said now to the story. Unthinkable is a movie about "Steven Arthur Younger" an American who calls him self as Yousuf after converting to Islam played by Michael Sheen, shoots a video declaring that he put 3 nuclear bombs in unknown places in the US and had set them to detonate in a few days "I think 4?". All American forces join to find him, and bring the FBI agent "Helen Brody" Carrie-Anne Moss and "H" Samuel L. Jackson. 

Helen is an honest and very fair person, hard worker and goes by the book! H is a mysterious crazy man, empowered by the government to crack up the criminal Steven aka Yousuf to find the 3 bombs. I won't say more so I wouldn't spoil the movie, but the plot goes from torturing Steven in unthinkable ways, to seeing unthinkable reactions from people around. The movie away from the actual interesting story, it unfolds a lot about how far national security can push people to do to other people, how believing in something can make you strong, and how lying can effect morality, being lied to can push you to extreme limits! It might be annoying to some, but it was very interesting to me, on a human behavioral level. Watch the trailer.



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I'm the owner, sure :} go for it

Touché said...

It's an intriguing movie with a strong message. I'm not sure which ending you've seen, but they both almost point to the same direction with one in a more explicit way than the other where they state threat the threat will always be there.

Somehow it carries the same ethical question of "Swordfish" specially when Travolta explains his perspective to Jackman " Is one enough? What about ten? what about a hundred?"

If I'd choose an answer from a movie then nothing tops The Godfather "Kate, who's naive now"

Don't wanna elaborate more so I won't spoil the movie. It is an excellent thought provoking movie that most probably will make some have a restless sleep. Gotta love those long shots, really intense.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


What is it with men and the godfather! "not only in You've got mail" and the US but also in KUWAIT LOL, a work colleague was shocked I didn't see it till date :/ maybe I should

The ending I saw was the one where they saved the world no 4th bomb, I guess it all went blank, but what I really enjoyed was how human beings go far for "mentally" triggered states of being endangered or wanting to prove a point

Touché said...

Haven't seen it yet!! It's a classic, though I admit that it's not something that any girl will be excited about. So I guess you should put on the males brain cap when you watch it :p

Well, that was the theatrical end version of the movie, there was n extended version as the fourth bomb is shown and the movie ends just one second before it explodes. But I still preferred the short version, where it tells you that terror is always there, and whatever methods are used, they won't eliminate them and there will always be someone somewhere who has the potential of carrying a threat.

Q80-ChillGirl said...

Will do my best to see it although I seem to be postponing it forever :p .. as for the "Unthinkable's" impact I cant agree more!