Sunday, 27 March 2011

You don't know Jack

Pic from Inayanmag

The movie is based on the true story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian an 82 year old American Doctor, who after his retirement, helped people to die. What he did is to seek out hopeless cases and help them to commit suicide as an escape from agony, with the help of friends and family. His combination of drugs to end the life's of people were painless as claimed & scientifically explained. How did he decide hopeless or not? By interviewing them and eliminating depression cases or the ones who are hasty , he was looking for non-curable cases who suffer from illness that prevents them from having a normal life. His claim was that everyone should have the right to end his own life. Of course, that idea was highly criticized in the US yet the law could only hold him countable for assisting in suicide! Also a lot from a religious point of view has opposed his ideas and actions.

He did not get jailed up until "Kevorkian allowed the airing of a videotape he had made on September 17, 1998, which depicted the voluntary euthanasia of Thomas Youk, 52, who was in the final stages of ALS" [via mighty wiki].

A movie that puts suicide , sickness , religion and believes at stake! Where the only derivative for whats happening is your emotions. So, do "feelings" justify suicide? Being desperate or hopeless is ok when the enemy is illness assisted by weak medicine?  The movie made me live in conflict, feeling sorry for the sick people in it had the big chunk of my compassion, I felt for them, understood their wishes to die. Also made me feel how in different shapes desperation comes, how hope is the ultimate light we have to hang on to. Pity on self is one big soul breaker, the idea to live depending on others is devastating, the whole movie was about ending souls and starting up your thinking.

Verdict? I understand them but I am still against suicide, quitting is not the best way to end life.

Amazing performance by Pacino as usual, he made me believe that he was Kevorkian :)



Marzouq said...

I have not seen this movie but I have had it for a while! Can you believe that I didn't know what it was at first but that is an amazing story! Thanks for the review!

S3od said...

i like alpacino movies .. i'll definitely check it out ,,

Q80-ChillGirl said...

uw :D feels good to see a comment from an old blogger :D go for it, its very nice and for me, it got me puzzled for whats right and whats wrong :/

*thumbs up* if ur a Pacino fan u will like it :>