Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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Twitter & Instagram are really stealing me from the blog world, easy on the go publishing is so alluring! Especially that you don't have to consume a lot of time editing or thinking much, Instagram, take a picture (which is a thing I do by the minute :p) post it, add a tiny caption or a few hashtags OR don't! As simple as that.

يوم السبت هذا في سبمبوت موضوع جدا شيق! جسيم هيجز، و بيتكلم فيه الدكتور علي حسين عبدالله لنك التويت لمزيد من المعلومات :)

Latest discovery & addiction is "Dhafer Youssef" first introduction was through a dear dear cousin of mine and I heard his Quartet - Les Ondes Orientales that moved me from being amazed by the harmony of the Oud sound with the Piano to the intervention of other instruments, topping it off with his weirdly manipulated voice to a speed up in the rhythm then a slow smooth closure, very close to how it all begun! Please "listen" to it and not just hear it :} 

من جماليات الصيف بالكويت، غير انتشار التكييف (عسى الله يرحمك و يغفر لك يا من اخترعته لنا) اللي تحس بفقدانه لي رحت دولة ما تعترف بالتكييف بكل مكان نظرا لان جوها بارد ،، عموووما! قلة الحركة المرورية حزة الدوامات ، جدا مستمتعه بروحتي و ردتي من الدوام ، لكن اللي يثير فضولي، شنو قصة الساعة ٧ بالليل؟ اكو دقمة يضغطونها و فجأة تنترس الشوارع سيارات؟

Sadu and me , a story I wish to elaborate on but its not the time to do so yet, so stay tuned. In the time being give Sadu House a visit its a GREAT establishment in Kuwait, a lovely old house that has historical architecture from our culture all over it, the Sadu weaving materials & story exhibited and every Monday they have the Chai Aldhaha event where you can stop by have some tea & explore the place, more information in their twitter account.

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