Saturday, 28 July 2012

The other man (2008)

Been a while since I enjoyed a drama, Liam was the reason I did not change the channel I admit, I'm biased to Liam Nesso.

Movie is about a "happily" married couple, after the wife's death "Laura Linney", the husband "Liam", discovers that she had another man in her life "Antonio Banderas"! Trouble comes in when the husband decides to know that other man closely and e-mail him from his dead wife's account, he gets so close to him and becomes his opponent in a chess game,,, ironic

A bit depressing and sad drama, yet sheds the light on an area in life, not many tackle nor discuss. Does digging the past bring out anything? Or change the way life is? Is killing the other man, a cure to all what he knew? Can one forgive such a thing, out of love? Does the point of view of the other (traitor) make a difference? Is there a justification for a double life? Why would anyone want to be the hidden part of someone's life?

I'll end it with a line from the mighty wiki post about the movie (link above):

“forgiveness and love need to replace hate”

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