Saturday, 28 July 2012

#Kethra Venice Biennale and Kuwait

I have been following @Kuwaitpavilion on Instagram for a while & CANT want to know what is #Kethra is all about! follow them and see how wonderful their world is :} Did I ever say how much I love architecture? well it mostly shows on Instagram & Twitter

Kuwait will participate in Venice Biennale! To know more stay tuned, 2 more days left & we shall all know! Where when is as per the picture below from their Instagram account! More info in twitter @_Kuwaitpavilion 


Will attend inshallah and see what's Kethra is all about, after all what can I ask for more than this:
Kuwait will be represented

In one place! {:

كثرة، مشاركة الكويت في بينالي البندقية هالسنه ، الروابط لحساباتهم في تويتر و انستاجرام فوق ، و يوم الاثنين بنعرف شنو قصة كثرة

جدااااااااااا متشوقه!

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