Monday, 24 June 2013

The naked truth

The naked truth is always better than the best-dressed lie.”  ― Ann Landers via good reads

It was a whatsapp status for a friend, the quote above, instantly grabbed my attention. In principal I always prefer the truth, yet how strong am I if its NAKED! Also, how much or how often will I be able to say the truth?

I think the major reason to hide the truth or tell a lie is fear, yes devious manipulative people might prefer it to be a life stye, yet it goes back to their inability to face reality :} which is still fear. Even when you prefer the truth, if you are faced with a loved one the whole equation changes, your feelings towards them get in between!

In spite of fear, feelings or any other reason that might withhold the truth, why do we "not" say it? The truth is irreplaceable, unforgettable and is easier to live with, when did we become so complex and looked away from the truth?! Saying the truth should not only be the general rule or common practice, it should be a lifetime commitment. A quote I love says "Be truthful, gentle and fearless - Gandhi"  It sums up the whole equation of how can we say the truth? All you have to do is be truthful, gentle and fearless.

Be honest enough to say the truth from your heart, gentle in conveying that truth no matter how hard it is, and being gentle can be gained with practice. Fearless! The hardest of them, for me, what took away fear is the more convenient life I live in without lying! No extra burdens nor glitches to fix, because when you lie there are glitches that will face you later on which will need more lies to tone them,  yes I am not perfect nor you, the human who reads this. Unless you are one of the pros who mix lying with facts!! Then you probably need therapy :}

What provoked this post and got me back to my keyboard is someone dear to me, who was kind and understanding enough to accept my honesty, such people are distinct and are worth keeping, more than many others who prefer to hustle or play innocent while their inner hustler is acting behind the scenes.

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