Sunday, 17 April 2005

Identity & بلاغة شف

I intend to write a better post about this subject but this is a note for me to not forget about it, passed by a blog around the corner & saw some one telling that blogger I know who you are & all! Regardless of who the ones am talking about are but why do people in Kuwait do that? What do you want so much from a blogger to tell him/her you know them in person? If we wished to be revealed as our real us we would have chose our FULL names as a nick name, right!!!


Shurouq said...

Uh, girl
I got some anonymous giving me the "I know who you are i know what you did last summer" thing a couple of weeks ago..
And it's funny, since who I am is no secret and I never intended it to be!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


that is funny! especially in ur case since as you said its not a secret :}

but still dear I dont get this obssesion of knowing who you are & mn bentah & all the rest info that are compared to your blog content & mentality should be minor if not intresting AT ALL !! when will we learn to know people for the person they are & stop bullying them with the " i know what you did last summer" thing << bugt this line from you ;p

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

hehehehehe I liked el TITLE Honestly, OoO baqool lech my sweet dear chill girl " Hathy el Kuwait Sal 3ala el neby ", bas shurouq I know what you did last summer THAT'S My LiNe Girl :pPp~~~ allah y3eenech :S 3ala goltech girl " bala'3at shaf "

Bas If you did not write about it, I'll remind enshallah
Oh oh nesait agool lech, while I was tryin' to login, and publish, I typed underscore ( _ ) instead of dash ( - ) eb my nickname?!! kel hatha laish me not commenting since ages WHAT IS WRONG with me :/


Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL golden this is the taks of leaving blogging for a while hmm a long while actually I missed you here :D

As for bla'3t el shaf it truelly kills me :< i hate that

Jelly Belly said...

hahahahahaha sorry 7abebty that I'm laughing but all I can say WELCOME TO THE CLUB...I guess this is happening more often than I thought!
I had my cover blown too...although it wasn't much of a cover..I've been very open about my life and anyone who knows me would find out Jelly Belly's identity but the sad thing is how fast the news spread!
I had people calling me to check if it was true I have some sort of online journal..
the sad reality is people are nosey and they'll always wanna know 7abebty just Chill and don't sweat the little things...
o rabe3ena yemotoon 3ala bala`3at alshaf...bu e6bee3 ma yeooz 3an 6ab3a ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

wallah 9ajja ya JB :}

my cover is not blown (yet) but i know some bloggers by names & real identity from the girsl blog meeting thing :} but didnt have to face the i know who you are thing, saw it on a blog wide & clear & it did not make me happy since the blogger (the one losing the cover) did not want to be known & is not open about it then comes up from no where a person saying i know this & that about you! i hated the sittuation that blogger was put in & truelly made me sad to see how people are even here! the place i thought could contain less of this comunities faults & a tiny more open minded circle to live in

i guess i was wrong

KiTTy_Q8 said...
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G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Well, at least now things are less confusing to me, after what's goin' on with you girls, I'll never start my own blog, if thats the community that everyone's surrounded with, HELL "NO BLOG"! As for you Bella, I've read your post earlier, and I was shocked to be honest!! ya3ny lain ometa elnass bytemoon chithi! 7ta here?! actually I did not comment cause sort of me late to comment, Oo you my sweet amiga chill girl becareful!! bas me glad you know my identity :D hehehehehehehe Oo you know where me study:pPp (shh la tgoolen :$ ) @!@

take care of your self girls:)

Allah y3eenkom girls Oo y3een el jmee3


nibaq said...

When I first started my blog I knew people will find out who I am. It is something I accepted and acknowledged from the start.
Yet I still never used my real name. I never use my real name on anything related to the internet unless it is work related like emails and proposals other than that strictly handle (This is mostly for security reasons from spammers and hackers).
And like I predicted my family found out my blog, and I didn't care, the funny part was them trying not to let me know they knew. I remember when I cut my hair and mentioned it in my blog and my Aunt asked me to take off my ghitra so she can see my hair. Luckily we are past that part now and its very open.

What is funny is that I refer to bloggers I know not by their real names, but still their blogger identity.

Blossom said...

Well well well interesting !

Q80-Chill Girl said...


am glad u know me too :D ,, its not about the hidden identity as much as the act of saying " i know you" in a blackmail way :} & am sorry too for such mentalities out there

Q80-Chill Girl said...


as you said its a tiny comunity here & its expected to be known ebsr3a but the thing bothering me is trying to use it in a "threat" kind of way! & truelly the answer is so what? we are not doing any thing shamefull :}

About ur family thing, that was damn funny & cute :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Welcome to my blog :} i guess ur new around i just checked ur blog out :D pretty nice crochet work, nooni has a competetor now!

glad you found it interesting :>