Thursday, 7 April 2005

bits & peices

Am back after a crazy 48 hours! or more, so I will as promised write about some interesting (as I think) stuff that happened now & then..

Madame "X" @ work, the typical obstacle that makes it more interesting to be me. I find her character to be interesting its a character that is available in every work place where that person tends to capture a portion of the work & tries to be unique in it & hides all the paths that will lead to the result that they are unique with, at the same time that outcome might not be so UNIQUE since its not some super natural thing to do. So "X" is at my work place & counts me as an enemy especially that am Kuwaiti & she is not, so far am dealing with this issue very well except for me disliking the fact that I have to stay alert at all times in order to work! am patient enough to make it I know that deep inside but I hate the staying alert at all times issue! I hope I can add something special to my new work place I already have two projects I hope I will do well.

حقي مقي
Is an old sentence I used to use to prove that the thing is mine (what ever it was) so now we are giving the gradates of last year their ropes & stuff + will be in the party around 26-4-2005 as an organizer this time :} .. so Monday there was a large number of students around in the office spontaneously I found my self telling them "yes you pay 5kd to keep the rope, scarf & cap 7agkum magkum" up until one girl smiled at my face & said "7aggi maggi *grin*" I realized that the word is not used any more.

My friend who is still working in my old work place called me Tuesday to tell me an interesting conversation that took place there..

Bengali guy @ old work place = BG
Friend= F

BG= mama, hada mama "q80-cg" khalas roo7i ma yaje ?
F= Ee ehya ra7t mukan thani
BG= *his famous poor innocent look* zein mama

OMG we both cried on the phone! that is so sweet!!!! he broke my heart he misses me! then I told her Oooh he wasn't by there when I said my goodbyes I remember saying bye to the 2 janitors & 2 of the service guys but he wasn't there that day, but truly kesar 5a6ri I felt so guilty for not saying goodbye to him, but at the time I thought I will make it up when I go there for some paperwork which I guess will be next week.. in the end am deeply touched by what he did.

Last topic is a CD that my sister made for me that I have been wanting to post about & forgot in the car ;p so till I get it here to the PC I will post about it, list its songs & review them according to Q80-CG's standards.


Pink said...

hello girl .. 7araaaaaaaaaaaaam .. kisar kha6re il BG .. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh .. you yo do somethin .. atleast give him some $$$..
and about the rope . 26.4 7aflat il jam3a .. i am a graduated when do i have to pick up the rope and other stuff! cuz no one called me ( eshfeha il mohima ) ;)

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

Welcome Baaaaaaaaack! Walahna 3alaych yal '7ysah! Ya7laylah ga3id yisa2al 3anich, wintay 7a'6ritich kishatay feeh. Just teasing. G'luck with your two projects :)

7agy Magy haha I still say that.

Purgatory said...

The farash calls you Q8CG?? does he check your blog ":P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello P!nk :}

I know am planing on that to all of them mn awl ma I decided to transfer but wanted to wait till the final paper time because I dont want to be there a lot ;p

As for the rope & stuff you should go next week to ur college's "twjeh wl ershad" office to take it & there they will give you all the instructions you need.. oO they did publish an add last week in the news papers :) they dont call every graduate to come to the party.. One more thing the year book is from shweikh campus @ "we7dat al5rejein" the one next to "Afaq" go there to collect your year book :}

oO mbrook

Q80-Chill Girl said...


heeey there hard worker ;p

omg la t2nbein thmeeri more & more umbeih 9j 9j ksr 5a6ri !! Thankx on the nice wishes dear :*

I discovered that me too LOL bs 7da '3la6 shkli o ana sh76a eshkbri agolha ;p at least ur a cutie 3noona :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

yeah he is a regulad blogger I guess ;p

Purgatory said...

do other people call you Q8CG on the street? do you have it tattooed :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

No actually I have a stamp on my forehead saying "Q80-CG"

Purgatory said...

what is the price of that stamp :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

PriceLess :}

why would you ask? tbe ur own?

Purgatory said...

hmm, good idea! I was thinking more of a bust or a big statue with my hand waving to the people, but why not, I can start with a stamp with my picture :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

why not!!

Purgatory said...

I just remembered, I already have that ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Have fun being popular :}

Anti_Reason said...

You managed to cover a wide range of topics in your post. So, let me start with “X”. Yes, you see her/him quite frequently. It’s the “I-fear-I-might-become-dispensable” syndrome. Don’t worry about her, just be yourself, and look after your work.

Regarding to the “kalaam 3ateej” comment; welcome to my club. I always get comments about words that are no longer part of the popular lingo. Recently I was talking to an older gentleman, and I used the word “misalich” (= strings or yarns). He looked at me as if I stepped from another era, but was pleased. I wonder if anyone has conducted a study on the evolution of the Kuwait jargon over the years? I think I should talk to my literary relatives about it.

The “BG” story is touching, and it demonstrates what kind of a person you really are. After all, would he remember you if you were a nasty, abusive, self-centered arrogant lady? Nope! You should be proud of yourself.

Waiting for your CD review!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank you for your nice words :> am blushing ;p

about the CD review I will get to it soon its gona be a nice change if you listen to a lot of non-arabic songs its a mix of arabic & hmmmm (mabi agool English it sounds wrong) lets say billboard hits :D .. pretty nice one

Pink said...

THANK YOU very much :* .. i do read Newspaper i think i missed it .. my bad ;)thank you again

Q80-Chill Girl said...

uw dear :D

becarefull the family invitations are not printed yet :} you have to pass by again around the end of next week to collect them :D

Pink said...

weeh shal 3abalaha :/ ..
family invnitation ! how many person i can bring with me cuz kil il ferej yabe eyee o specially beserle one year and a half LOL

Q80-Chill Girl said...

3adi :} welcome to Kuwait hun ;p

well as for the number of invitations/student it depends on how many invites they send us :} but am GUESSING not less than 3 for each student, I remember @ my graduation they gave me 3 then I took some more at the last few days! meaning that even if it was organized & well distributed "as told!" still you maight have the chance to get more if there are any :}
best of luck