Saturday, 2 April 2005

Posts from around

Actually I have a lot on my mind to talk about, a lot of action going around in my new work place my new Gmail account sent by a new Indian reader of my blog thank you :} ...

Instead I want to talk about some posts I checked out today..

waiting for NanoNano to get back from Riyadh, I went to visit Misguided where I found this interesting question, then I moved on to Purgatory , ShoSho & P4 .. Each had an interesting post! Then it was time foe being SAVED of boredom of course no one is better than "nibaq" to make you chill & have fun :}.

Then over to Anti_Reason's where he really made me smile with his nice dedication here I thank you again :D that is sweet of you, Again people you can have a dedication & more IF you can "like me" crack the code & solve one of A_R's quizzes :}

Then went to check on my fav. piclog to find it saying we will be back soon :( still !! Every one give ameen a hard time :D e-mail him a "when will you be back" message plz :} ... Then Bitzer was next on the list :) he will be back 12/4/05 that's in 10 days! But u can browse around his blog its fun :>

Jelly Belly with memories :} .. Don is in Bahrain inshallah he will come home safe, Bo-Maryoum am addicted to Grafika btw, he had something new today :} as usual interesting & fun..

Q & Mad M2000 had the same subject in two different ways to say it on the table .. Shorouq's table was filled with Lebanon, going to D's I realized that she didn't miss Aprils fool :p I liked it

Annnnd lots more that am sorry that I did not include since I have to go offline ASAP


Purgatory said...

of course my post was th ebest :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

ego ego ego ;p so purgy-ish

well dear its not about what best & whats not :D its about a short tour I took around the block to check out blogs :}

UzF said...

this is like reading the society page in a newspaper lol
/demanding more with a twist of gossip!!

Purgatory said...

The best out of the trinity, not the others ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LOL nice tashbeih ;p .. oh well if this post works & so far you like it I might do more of it :}

glad u liked it :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...

7ta wlaw this is like a walk around blogs :} not to say which is better or worse :D its up to the reader to decide, am just spreading the posts on the table

BloBoz said...

7ADAH el post Intresting Shortcutting the ways to best Topics of the day :) >> Happy blogging night :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

La blooo 3ndi lk post u will LOVE as much as I did umbeih el9oora mo 6be3eyaaah its at nooni's blog,, check it out

Ooo mn kethr ma 3jbtni el picture I looked up this artist & I got this page @@ truelly amazing

BloBoz said...

ًWa Wa Wey Wa , I Like It , Neh I Love it , bas leyl7n i don't know weither it is paint mix or fabrics Or Rayesh :s .. bas overall 7adah el mex mal el color Bacalory :D ...

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Its amazing & how its done is even more amazing ana nfsk I wondered how he did it & i come up with this:

Abstract Mathematical Art

Since 2000 I’ve found a very new form of expression.. then he says .. my fondness for fractals has got a new dimension since I began to work with KPT5 FraxFlames.

I usually generate a series of inspiring and dynamic forms on transparent layers and combine and treat them in Photoshop. Drawing by algorithmus depends widely on coincidence. But the selection of forms,
their editing and coloring is based on that what psychologists may call »subjective perception«. Although it seems to be a contradiction in terms - it is a very intuitive and inspiring kind of work.

also an other site e5t9ar b3ad o gaal:

The computer with its inexhaustible possibilities of creation is always a very exciting and inspiring tool for me. The works included in this exhibit were composed and colored in Photoshop using KPT5's FraxFlame filter. They are drawn by algorithm and may be characterized, perhaps loosely, as fractals.

el zbda :} he is combining abstract art with mathematics with computer technology in a brilliant way !! can u believe this guy ,, btw he is born in 1948

بومريوم said...

ناقص بس صورة كم عرس و صج تصير صفحة المجتمع:)

مشكوره على الموقع
شغل عجيب!:)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


wallah 5osh Idea :D next time I will post some pictures ;p

thanx for the idea Bo-Maryoum