Saturday, 16 April 2005

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

She has been a blogger since December 2004 till the date, vibrant, an artist, a patriot, intellectual & a highly educated person that only reading for her makes you laugh, smile, think or just be happy to see one of her paintings! A true writer in in the sense of dragging your attention to what she says plus the diversity in her posts for instance one week can contain an emotional post, a picture, a political post & an every day situation one,,, No need to delay any more its

Jabriya Za7ma by the one & only Shurouq

Now to illustrate what I said above, here it goes :}


*Her first post ever, and hun you did last more than a week :> till now 5 months & going to ever I hope.

*Art, aRt, arT, ARt, aRT & more art .. The thing I love about her paintings is the simplicity yet accuracy in them :} add to that the fact that I see using water colors is like drawing on water :> as if your having bottles of colored sea water & mix them in a painting & make it look damn good that is also "as I think" a great proof that ur an artist & Shurouq is a very good one Mashallah.

*OMG the one thing I could not love! Football :} she followed it up goal by goal.


*A great choice I must say :} however the hidden cost & affordable is important & she knows it well too.


*Tsunami, and this is I may say a great picture :}

*Busy weekend.

*The situation at the time was sad, she had her share of posts about it too "see political side :} still more to discover in her blog".

*Social & intellectual :}

* Still in the same sad time we went through that we hope will be gone forever! Will it?


*Highly important questions, that make you s-m-I-l-e :}

*Poetry .

*MY FAVORITE :D the hearts :} I am in love with this painting.

*Dramatic changes.

*Poetry again :}

*She joined the blue wave & went there in person.


*Red coat .

*Bo-Rakan a reader not only a great writer.

*Reunion :}

*Van Gogh, truly a lovely touch by google & she said it simple & sweet in this post & comments.


*Hotel Rwanda, her view on the movie after seeing it.

*The second best post for me there @ Shurouq's :} her desk, simple elegant yet vibrant & strong.

*This & that all shed the light on a passionate person :>

Also I like the Neighbors list :} I like the name + the content sometimes its more fun to use it & the one available in Kuwaitblogs than the saved bookmarks. Last but not least Jabriya Za7ma is a blog worth visiting & checking out to see what's next from all the above you can see how diverse the issues in it can be also how interesting they are & simple yet very full of content... To the blog of the week in the 3rd Saturday of April I say thank you Shurouq for such a nice amusing blog :} keep up the good work.

Cheers to Shurouq


بومريوم said...

بلوغ شروق دايم غير
صج الجابريه دوم زحمه..بس مواضيعها دوم رايقه:)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

صوح :> و هو انا أأدر اثني كلمة بو مريوم!؟

و الحلو فيها التجديد كل يوم موضوع مختلف

Purgatory said...

long post, bes fahamt elzebda men eltitle. By the way, BOTY :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Try clicking on the links :} that should make it more clear, although I think u read most of the listed posts since u read all :D Mashallah

Purgatory said...

Yeah I skim through them all