Monday, 2 May 2005

HeLLo & GoodBye

I have a long day a head tomorrow I will be VERY busy, from today & previous days I had some notes,,, here they go :}

<-]-> I hate it when I forget some one's name! There is this extremely nice very cute girl that comes around she is so nice & I enjoy talking to her, the problem was is I called her today to be "X" & she is in fact is called "Y" @@ more like "Z" or "W" which is further! I went way far with her name. I need to make my verbal memory stronger my visual one is pretty well but I am bloody bad with names.

*_* Yes its working :} & the mean lady is cooking well.

(-,-) I have been away from people around me, I should socialize more & e-mail more often.

'.' I miss my brother, he will be back Wednesday.

^.* I hate it when you slip among a crowd! The other day I went to the bank & entered a hall FULLY packed with people mostly men & as I was walking with my head high one foot SLIPPED on the floor I felt a tilt @@ yet did not fall, I think its more embarrassing than the actual "fall", if you fall you would have people sympathizing with you maybe some help you & others laugh. When you slip ALL laugh LOL including you ;p ,, but the keep walking & act like nothing happened drill is good, add to that not looking to people & going out from an other door then ur a ok :D

So hello my dear blog & goodbye am gona leave you for a few days :}


A~ said...

ooh! the slip and almost-fall thing. the other day i was in a government building and tripped while going UP stairs. that is as bad, if not worse!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


been there :D but not in a govt. bld. but in a BUSY shopping mall @@ holiday season .... all of a sudden while going down the stairs I found my knees & legs flat on the stairs & the bags instead of under my wais they were beside my face :D needless to say I had people looking over from JAPAN to see me & make me feel how silly I look like :D

Purgatory said...

salamaaat ma etshofeeen shar :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


huh? there is nothing wrong with me :D why do u think am sick ?

Purgatory said...

you almost fell or you forgot :P

G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

Wahahahahahahahahahahaha, first I know you will say don't laugh at me!! I AM NOT laughing at you, CAUSE I'VE slipped a lot, the last time was last week wahahahahaha and by a strange coincidence, each time I slip it happens to be with one specific cousin!! weird wallah!! I told her that you are "qobesah" :D zafatny :S
And as for the sweet girl knowing your name and you are not! Awkwardly, they know my whole information, while I do not know their names :S so 3ady<< fashlah I know :/, yerja3 bel salamah your brother enshallah, Oo take care of your self sweet girl :*


Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

sorry dear ur right .. my fault ;p ,, thanx for ur tslooooma :D

Golden :}

thank you hun for sharing the fact that am not alone with el t3rchb issue ;p ... as for the name thing@@ tell me about it , 9j fshla