Thursday, 5 May 2005

The night cat :}

Today as we came back home we saw this cat feeding its little 3 cubs they were so cute! I smiled from the heart to see them & see how she was attentive & ready to fight if we were a threat. Later on we offered them milk & fish, they ate it & it was so nice :D

That is a thing to remember :}


G0LDiLiCiOuS-Ψ said...

eee wallah "touching"...!! tshaweg, thakarteeny eb ga6wat bent khalty, 7ad-ha tshaweg, baithaah Oo 3yoon-ha light blue, kanat kelaa tnam eb 7ethny:/ I missed her snow ball, Hope you enjoyed the feeding moments:D


Purgatory said...

cats warach warach :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I love cats so much & that made my day :D especially when we feed them... so go girl go hug the snow ball cats are gorgeous & fun

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg 72

its the most wonderful thing that can chaise me :D

Purgatory said...

What about lions ;)?

Jelly Belly said...

how cuteeeeeeeeeee....I want a kitten :(
my cat is old and grumpy 3ala oma now LOL ;)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Purg :}

Akeed @@ cats are mini Lions ;p .. but to tell u the truth if am to chose from non domestic animanls I would got for the stripped tigers @@ I LOVE THEM so much, Lions hmmmm ya3ni n9 o n9 bs mjbora fehum since it is my sign :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Ahlaaaaaaaain :D

LOL why not invite some of his kids over :D you know lg6awa mayga9roon they breed generouslly ;p