Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Mystery solved!

God this week has been long & the next will be longer too @!@ have a lot on my agenda lets hope time doesn't kill me.

So the mystery thing is the flower I posted in a previous post

Which was identified by a lot of bloggers in its Arabic name "فتنه" The English name reminded a mystery @@


came an e-mail from none other than @@ BloBoz him self, saying that its name is [Frangipani ]


A reply from MsBakerQ8 on the same precious post, saying that its name is [plumeria]

so here we go :} two names for the flower known as "fetnah" in Arabic :D


Purgatory said...

@!@, @@, @@ :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


what ?! leish ga3d et6al3 my post like this :/

Purgatory said...

I like play around with your @@, they look nice :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


SHREER @@ thats why you have ur army ready to pick out my eyes :( .. shreer

Purgatory said...

No, I will pick your eyes myself, they are my responsibilty, since you have anti-penguin pills.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


what pills ? me !!

I don't even like to have Saridon (or Panadol) let a side anti a cute animal pills :( thlamtny ya purg72

Purgatory said...

hmm @@ :)