Saturday, 7 May 2005


Does any one know the name of this flower?

I saw this picture today in herstyle & remembered mother's uncle in Riyadh where he used to have loads of them in his garden & remember giving me some of them & I loved putting them behind my ear, kinda like the Hawaiian women style ;p


UzF said...

Nice flower, and I imagine it has a good scent.
I would say magnolia or gardenia, but that's only my memory with botany chapter in biology (yukh!) lol
by the way, the other day I was passing by the near-by church and all the adjacent land strpis were covered with orange/yellow tulips.. reminded me of you lol, i wish i had a camera.

بومريوم said...

نويره متنكره

Drunk'n'Gorgeous said...

We've got that in our garden but they still haven't bloomed yet. It's called "Fitna" in arabic. No idea what it's called in English :P I remember I used to touch it then rub my eyes and our mean neighbor would tell me that the flower was poisonous and that I'd go blind. Walla memories :P Beautiful flower, Chill. Say when, wayeeblich ma3ay next time we meet up :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


AMAZING scent! I can still smell it its great very vibrant yet cool :D

I will try the names you listed & search on them ;p thanx for the help

7saaaaaaaaafa chan em9werhum :D & am glad my memory was attached to tulips :D i cant immagine a better one :D:D:D ,, oh well better luck next time :D & if you get them i will advertise for you world wide :D << y3ni e'3ra2 ;p

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LooooooooL waaay shreer @@ he used ur nieve-ness (if such word exists ;p) but funny ... 3ad u know what this flower & el-full I loved their scents i used to keep one in my pocket & the smell would get attached to me :D ,, thanx for tha arabic name I will look it up too :D

Oo i will remind you when we meet up :D thanx a loooooot dear

Q80-Chill Girl said...



حلوه عجبتني :> شكلها مسوية تمليس

BloBoz said...

Ok Ok ,, I agree 7adha 7elwa el Fetnah , ++ I post some pix dedicated to U and Every one who loved Mother nature ..

Q80-Chill Girl said...


am heading to ur blog to check it out @!@ SHWAGTNI oO thanx in advance :D:D

Eva said...

أحب هالوردة حيل .. تقدرين تقولين كان حب من أوّل نظرة!

اسمه الفتنة

حاولت أعرف اسمه بالانجليزي بس ما عرفته

عندي صورة من تصويري .. لهالوردة

Check It : )

و عندي صورة حاطة الوردة بشعري و مصورة يم الشجرة " شفتي من كثر ما أحبها :p

قبل فترة رحت المشاتل لقيت شجرة للوردة هذي بس ماكانت مطلعة ورد .. قالي تعالي بعد 3 اسابيع تكون موردة
و ما رديتله

Q80-Chill Girl said...


OMG LOVELY PICTURE, 9ara7a 3jeeba :D

the pink one is AMAZING .. I saved the picture wayd 3jbtni ,, thanx eva :D:D

BloBoz said...

Laish fetnatna ma t6ale3 wardey :S .. ++ Eva nice shot ..

Q80-Chill Girl said...


me same question :D twni adri ena ako pink mn el fitna @!@ .. lets see what eva has to say :>

Eva said...

Ya jma3a La t6al3on esha3at the pink one is not Fetna.. ana 7a6a eLFetna foog eLPink one y3ne 7araka (a) .. Lol

Thanks Guys That u Like The Shot;)

And .. Today i passed by a home In Mishref Area.. 3ndhom 2 Fetna Tree ! .. Tethakkartich wallah.. Shraych Nbog wa7da :P?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


LoooooooooooooooooooooooL th7akt mn gumat rasi LOL omg o e7na sh'3aleein t7lelat w eftrathaat o kela 3la el 6al ;p

about the two fitna trees am sure they can spare one ;p & we shall plant it here in my blog

Ms.Baker said...

I *think* this might be a plumeria flower, very beautiful smell.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

HeLLooo there MsBakerQ8

:} the name is right :D also there is an other name for it sent to me by bloboz "Frangipani"

thank you dear :D