Thursday, 7 December 2006

What to blog about

Politics is on the top of the list but I'm trying haaaard to avoid it!

I do not know weather its a curse that comes along with age! All I know is that I hate it because its a big dirty game controlled by people we do not have much effect on. However what made me feel good is that the people's voice did change things, it was pretty loud.

بس هذا حدي ما ابي ادش بتفاصيل بعد

As for Kuwait weather wise! It is truly amazing this time of the year :} my advice to all ENJOY it to the maaaaaax, we will not have this weather for looong 9 months.

My PSP+Locoroco

The WHITE psp has been my pal for the past two moths, its a new good gadget & its all white :} LOCOROCO made me buy it in the begging (I finished the whole game in a week, noting that my last game addiction was with SEGA of course SONIC ;p so am pretty old dated with this), soon it became my number 1 entertainment tool with its browsing ability & playing/storing different kinds of media made it a great addition to my day.


Anonymous said...

Politics is evil!

I wish I could enjoy the weather to the max! It should be a law that good weather means a day off work :/

Locoroco is the only reason I would buy a PSP! :]

Q80-Chill Girl said...

I second that abotu politics, regarding the weather when I rule I will call it a national holiday ;p

ooooo Locoroco is my latest addiction, my favourite is the pink one i love its french attitute i cant stop loving this game :} its a winner with me & as for me it did make me buy the PSP :D