Monday, 11 December 2006

192 countries

Interesting new blog

I got lucky to be randomly picked to represent Kuwait by Mr. Shinji from Tokyo, Japan "Thank you". I may not be the best person to do this but I will try my best. This project is very unique & interesting to me, since its a young one & done by common everyday type of people it is fun & not as intimidating as it may seem when you come to think of representing your country :)

I will try to be simple & Handel the main lines about Kuwait, will not go through politics or any other controversial issues. The assistance & suggestions from all Kuwaiti bloggers is more than welcome in fact its why I wrote this post :} I will need & appreciate your help.....

The idea behind 192 countries is to gather 192 writers (bloggers) from 192 countries to talk a little about their countries & know a little about other countries. This project lets the saying "the world is a small village" become a reality in a simple virtual mean of communication.

Wish me luck :D


Anonymous said...

Maybe they picked you because you like Grendizer and Loco Roco? :P

Good luck! :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

looool maybee :)

maybee that's what attracted them to my blog ;p