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Khaled Al-Mudhaf in Gumball3000 for the year 2007

حدي مشتطه و مستانسه، انا اصلا احب هالرالي اللي يصير بالشارع و ببساطة فيه ناس عاديين يحبون السرعه و السيارات، خالد المضف كويتي مشارك فيه هالسنة و زميله فواز القناعي (شكرا ميز على المعلومة) التالي جزء من اللي لقيته عن هالحدث بالنت ،، عسى الله يوفقه و كافي مشاركته ترفع الراس بسباق عجيب اتابعه من سنه و دريت فيه بالصدفه عن طريق اخوي

Info. about the event:

**What the Founder has to say

**The Map


28th April 2007
Launch Party
29th April 2007
Car display (13:00) & Start (16:00) in Pall Mall, London
Cars drive to Amsterdam checkpoint
30th April 2007
Cars drive through the night to the Frankfurt Checkpoint.
Cars and drivers loaded onto planes and flown to Istanbul
Arrive in Istanbul
1st May 2007
Istanbul to Athens via Thessolaniki checkpoint
2nd May 2007
Arrive in Tirana
3rd May 2007
Cars drive through Dubrovnik check point to Bratislava
4th May 2007
Continue through Eurospeed race circuit check point to Berlin
5th May 2007
Cars drive through Oschersleben race circuit check point to end in London
Final Party, music concert in London

[from the Gumball 3000 official site]

**Hot GUMBALL 3000 links: [from]

1- LIVE coverage!

2- Of course the Gumball 300 blog

3- GTSPIRIT - great one! the pictures are amazing and up to date coverage with pictures (I said pictures twice so trust me they are worth it :D) and from the pictures I knew that there is an Emirate participant too! :D very nice to see people from the Gulf area being in the Gumball 3000

Here is what K.The Kuwaiti has to say about it :D & there are some nice pictures too. There is a great site to follow the race with, that is the GUMBALL 3000 BLOG that through I got the following videos from YouTube all about Khaled Al-Mudaf's the Kuwaiti contestant's car :D I do wish him all the best. I LOVED THE KUWAIT FLAG ON THE CAR ROOF, WHEN EVER I SAW IT, T GAVE ME THE CHiiiiiLLLLS :D

NEXT is real live action :D VIDEOS from around the WWW

First Video featuring who ever is filming this movie trying to catch up with the KUWAITI driver in the KUWAITI car :D tough luck, at least up to the video's end :D

Here the Saudi Porsche & the Kuwait Lamborghini at the gas station, the people around them are impressed, and again the Kuwaiti flag on top gave me the chills :D also notice the initials of the team members
K. Al-Mudhaf
F. Al-Qanae

I didnt like this one much the lighting was not so good although great shots! but no lights! they didnt make any sence, but I could not resist the fact that the first picture is for the Kuwaiti plates!

Not so hot video but the Kuwaiti car is there :D

This guy was impressed by the car sound, he called the video (lamborghini murcielago lp640 crazy sound)

Most of the videos are from the GUMBALL 3000 BLOG

The thing I like the most is that the Gumball 3000 is a street race, with normal every day people participating in it :D and this year there is a Kuwaiti team! I read in a comment I read in a blog that there was a Kuwaiti that participated before (Khaled Al-Randi "aka Khaled Miami") but am not sure yet. I wish the Kuwaiti team the best :D

Also the best thing about this event is that it gets proper coverage, from people ALL around the world, so its not like the events that lift up the Kuwait's name up high in the sky & we do not know about. This is also one of the main reasons I love the internet :D


The Stallion said...

I hope they go all the way! Khalid and Fawaz are both amazing drivers!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Thank you fro the names :D now I can update my post :D

I too wish them the same I hope they go all the way & hit number one :D inshallah


Thats amazing, alah iwafighom inshalah..

Mark said...

very informative post!

Marzouq said...

I really hope they really do well! Alah ya7futh'hum inshalla!

Q80-Chill Girl said...
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Q80-Chill Girl said...


thax for the comment, new-Mark :)


its canceled :(

more info when i finish reading & knowing who the team that crashed, casualty that made them organizers cancel the rally!!!!