Thursday, 17 May 2007

Judging a book by its cover

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Judging a book by its cover, a sentence we hear that took me a little off shore...

When buying a book, you must read some of its content, of course in the introduction the Authors usually write what they think is important to introduce the reader to their book, but the book is not all about whats in that introduction, nor its an short form of what you might come across inside the book, its just a simple way for the writer of saying "hello reader, give my book a go!"

Of course introductions make a big difference, same as first impressions do to most of us, but a good reader with an open mind must always read through the text inside the book, see what is it all about & never rely on the introduction OR what he/she read/heard about this book NOR the writer's name or other personal information.

Moving to those who judge books by their covers! Now a book cover is subjective to what physical shapes & colors the writer might like! not to what the book is about! Some writers relate them closely "the content & outer appearance" others don't! Now refusing the introduction to be the reason of owning a book would of course oblige one with such mentality to not judge the book by its cover! For it will be a more vicious crime.

But what if the cover & outer appearance of a book is all what the person looks for? What if there is lets say,,,,, a sealed book!!

You know like the plastic seal that some books & magazines have?

It would be more beneficial if you imagined this lovely very impressive seal not just the plain plastic see-through one!!!

And what if that seal has been corrupted, the plastic cover sealing the book got ripped/scratched? Most would want the new fresh un-touched one right behind the displayed with a shredded seal. Noting that, if the cover is not VERY attractive, and placed in a more attractive place, that might lead the book to be left on the shelf for ever, sold among the stock or worse! be thrown without having the chance of being owned nor read.

So supposedly, how hard would the life of a book with a so so cover, and a corrupted plastic sealing over it, be?


Purgatory said...

I like chuncky books with chuncky covers :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...


اتحب الرهاة بكل شي

Purgatory said...

Of course, didn't you listen to my song on post 1043 ;)?

Q80-Chill Girl said...


yes I did and read ur blog over the years so I pretty much know ur taste

Marzouq said...

The Right book pulls you to it!!!! The cover does matter sometimes and sometimes it doesn't just pick it up and go through it! I don't jump in the middle because I would be lost unless I'm reading it for a little while!!

jumping translocation said...

I have heard of the expression - Never judge a film by its book. But this to me( never judge a book by its cover) is a first. Goes to show how some of us, late bloomers remain perpetually on a steep learning curve.
Thanks for sharing ! So now I know.

Men in Labour said...

I, for one, never judge a book by its film. That said, I always find the film to be so much less labor-intensive.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I agree, reading through the book is beneficially but not jumping into the middle where you get into the main plot "if its a story, for example" & be totally lost

Jumping Translocation

Well i tried to look it up in and if u follow the link u'll know there is no obvious origin for it as for "Never judge a film by its book" i heard it before but the other way around, never judge a book by its movie/film .... either way its a call to get out of the box & not be superficial when looking at any thing :D

Men in Labour

I agree, most films are not as nice as the books they are based on, however they stay as a nice visual tool to make you imagine the story more vividly