Friday, 11 May 2007

Gary Brolsma

Internet fame.....

It all started with a simple video with Gary Brolsma dancing the Numa Numa dance!!

"Numa Numa (or "the Numa Numa Dance") is an Internet phenomenon based on amateur videos, particularly one by Gary Brolsma, made for the song "Dragostea din tei" by Moldovan pop band O-Zone. It came 28th in the 100 Greatest Funny Moments, broadcast by Channel 4 in the UK." [from]

Its not new to many, when he made that video the whole world saw it through the internet, he became of the few people who the internet made them famous. Now there is the NEW Numa Numa !!

"Gary Brolsma (The Numa Numa Guy) (born 1986), of Hungarian descent, is well known for his various Internet videos. He graduated from Bergen County Technical High School in Teterboro, New Jersey in June 2004. Gary gained worldwide attention after posting onto the Internet, near the end of 2004, a webcam video of himself miming to the song "Dragostea din tei" by Moldovan pop band O-Zone. It was known as Numa Numa, after a phrase in the song, and became an Internet phenomenon watched by millions of people, leading to mainstream media exposure for him. He initially withdrew from the attention, but returned with a band and a new video New Numa in the late summer of 2006 and began to do interviews." [from]
الخبر عن جاري نوما نوما قديم، بس اللي يعكسه ان البدايات الناجحة لا تعني ان كل ما يليها ناجح، علىالرغم من ان شكل الشخص المقبول كوميديا وما تغير ولا تعابيره اللي تتمغط و تتمد حسب ما يرغب، لكن اللي تغير اهو الروح و العفوية. للعفوية قوة قد تفوق التخطيط الحذر و المدروس. بس للحين ايظحكني نوما نوما الاول لجاري برولسما

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