Thursday, 24 May 2007

Latest chocolate obsession!

Lindt Excellence

There are several products of this line introduced by Lindt that is all about DARK chocolate, I was never a big fan of dark chocolate but now I am :D

The intensity of dark chocolates available are:

Cuba 55% * i LOVE*
Madagascar 65% * i LOVE*

Ecuador 75%
Dark 70% * i .5 LOVE*
Dark 85%

My favorites are Cuba 55% with a hint of Tropical Fruits & Madagascar 65% with a hint of Vanilla,,,, they are YUMMY!! However I can handle the Dark 70% but the Ecuador 75% was too intense for me! I only tried the Dark 85% once, didn't get it again since it was toooooo intense for me! 85% tasted too bitter for my taste, but the Dark 70% - 85% are all about Dark chocolate more than the "Cuba - madagascar - Ecuador" who have other additions to their ingredients that affect the intensity of the chocolate flavor, although Ecuador had the addition of extra COCOA, that made me think what is the difference between chocolate & Cocoa ??

Highly recommended for the ones who value chocolate. Although I must note that it’s a bit fatty compared to other dark chocolates I tried before, still they are good :D either way they are less harmful than the usual chocolate bars filled with sugar & butter.


Purplecious said...


Dark chocolate = My endless LOVE

the darker the better, I LOVE coffee too so that I don't mind extra bitterness

Thank you for such a yummy post :)

3baid said...

You read my mind! @_@

I just had some of that dark chocolate and it makes all the other chocolates taste bitter :]~

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I like it with Arabian coffee :D and am new to the dark chocolate world & me likey :D


hello hello :D
I know how you feel, it makes other chocolates taste so oily! and you do feel the difference of the chocolate taste and the other additions!

G.Q.™ said...

I can't help it. I can never like dark chocolate. I think people who like dark chocolate are coffee drinkers. I'm not a coffee drinker. I think That's a fact ...and I came up with it ..I have no idea!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well joining the dark chocolate with drinking coffee is hmmm odd but makes sence for me, am not a coffee-holic but i like coffee from time to time, i do like it with chocolate :D dark is good with coffee but can't over do it!! tooo intense! the flavors will be too strong.... i never thought i would eat dark chocolate but i did :D

Anonymous said...


و الجانجاويد سبب خراب دارفور


Marzouq said...

I really don't like Dark Chocolate, its damn thick and heavy, just not my thing!

Ice Cream!!! Now thats what I like!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

NY Chick

لوول للحين مو فاهمه الجانجاويد! ماكو الا ابا مريوم ينقذني لما يرد و يشبع فظولي

و عسى الله يعافيج :> ميرسوووو


LOL, I noticed that MOST guys do not! i am not saying its a fact but also my brothers at home reply to me offering them some was:
الحمد لله على النعمه
وع شنو هذا

as for ice cream
حطيت ايدك على الجرح

اليوم باكل بررررررد ان شاء الله، و مادري ليش ابي برد كولومبيا من كي دي دي مع اني مو من محبينه! انا احب كل شي فيه كاكاو

Latifa said...

Dark chocolate is heathy. I like to use lindt chocolate for baking desserts.............lindt:the masters of swiss chocolate

Anonymous said...

عزيزتي و الله صج مو غشمرة, ترى جوابي كان جد
شوفي هاللنك


Q80-Chill Girl said...


اايد رأيج ب كاكاوات لندت، عندهم كاكاو مع الحليب قريب من طعم الكندر بس الذ! اختي هابه فيه، المشكله البيت كله خرااب بس قاعده احاول اعود نفسي على الكاكاو الغامج يقولون هلثي اكثر و هم طعمه جاز لي

ان واي تشك

لوول ،، امبيه و الله عبالي اتغشمرين

طلعت السالفة صجيه!!! مشكوره و الله فدتيني

barrak said...

انا مره قصو علي وكليته بس كانت نسبة الككاو الصافي 85 بالمائه
حاشني حارج لمده شهر ونص

Q80-Chill Girl said...


حي الله برااك :]

لا ما تغشمر داش بقوه! و انت طاوعتهم لوول، انا ما اقدر له ال 85% حيل قوية نكهة الكاكاو فيه و صج يحوشني حارج لو ما ادردع ماي عقبه

انا انصح للمبتدئين بالكوبا 55% زوين و حليو

بس بحالتك اتوقع ما ترد تعودها؟

Anonymous said...

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