Friday, 24 August 2007


I have always hated politics & did not like to get into it at all, when I decided to do so recently, I based my opinion on a statement, one that came from a Journalist. After a while an other statement from the father of an other Journalist shattered all the facts "or claimed to be facts" in the first statement.

A journalist holds only his honesty as a shield, when its lost, his integrity is lost too. Until we get more facts on the table,,,,, all the stated above stands firmly as my evaluation of the Propaganda I went through.

Facts will be my main motivation to act from now on, with all do respect to what any one might claim, facts are nice to deal with.

Ironically I'm at work facing a vicious fight, because I took an action that I based on demanding facts and not claims! to make some paper pass by :)

I love Kuwait

Therefore I will base my actions on facts not claims!.... From now on.

P.S: I hid all the posts related to the recent events, kept only the last one, the one based on facts & official statements.

P.S (2): To louis, hope my post makes more sense now ;p


Anonymous said...

are you a jounalist?

Q80-Chill Girl said...



louis said...

I got lost in your "bad" English.OK! I had to say it!
صديقك كم صدقك لا من صدّقك

Q80-Chill Girl said...


جزاك الله خير لوول

the post is still under editing, i wrote it in a hurry, random thoughts...

و الصدق زبدة الموضوع ،، لما تصدق الكل بالمطلق بدون التأكد او على الاقل انتظار الحقائق تصير مو واثق من اللي تسويه و ممكن تسوي اشياء تندم عليها ،، كل طراق بتعلومه

chikapappi said...

Well what you are saying is what i've been telling people, you don't go contradicting yourself in public like this...

Q80-Chill Girl said...



yep, we should be more sure of what we say,,, 3n el fashla o elfuthaye7

3baid said...

I'm not sure what you're trying to do, but I hope it's the right thing and that you succeed at it.


Q80-Chill Girl said...


if you are referring to the ironic event, then I am sure that am doing the right thing, my bosses are backing me up but this English man is taking it personally! every thing will be ok am sure :D

Sentir said...

Few years ago I decided to quit caring or talking about the politics of our region. That's because there are alot of liars and hypocrites, people that should and you don't expect to lie, lie.

Anywhere in the world, most politicians and those in the business have the inclination to lie, but ours are on a universe of their own. And the journalists don't know the meaning of professionalism.

I too, like you, said that I won't talk except based on facts. Sadly, it's VERY hard to tell fact from fiction, better to stop caring all together wa Allah kareem!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Hello & sorry for the late reply, I will try to stick to my plan & focus on facts! and as u said, Allah Kareem