Monday, 28 January 2008


للحين ما تعودت على بلوقر بالعربي ، جملة " انقطاع الطاقة المجدول في تمام 4 ،،،،" ظحكتني مادري ليش حسيتها بدليه و ذكرتني بحملة الترشيد،،، حتى بلوجر عاديناهم!؟

With the crazy schedule and amount of tasks I have, I came to realize that time is very precious! I keep thinking every night right before I go to sleep about what I did today "what I wiped from my to do list" and what do I still have to do in the up coming days. Not having fun while you finish your tasks! is a quick killer of a good mood

الضباب اليوم مو طبيعي ، اخترعت شوي بالدرب للدوام بس عادي وناسه كسر للروتين و الشمس اللي اتخزني و اخزها

The Alchemist by paulo Coelho is a break from my routine, this book is challenging me to finish it, such an easy optimistic read :D he has a blog too.

بوكا شخصية كرتونية كوريه تستحوذ على اهتمامي مؤخراً و الشكر لقناة جيتكس و شركة ديزني التي سلطت الضوء على بوكا و غيرت مفهومي ان بوكا عبارة عن بسكوت لذيذ!، ما اثار اهتمامي ان النجاح لا يحتاج الى تعقيدات، شخصية ببساطة بوكا و لطافة قصتها مع الحب وهي بالحادية عشر من العمر فقط، لفتت الانظار لها

Can anyone please inform me about Ad Eaters this year?
when: 4-5 feb
how to get tickets?


Eva said...

here is more info's about AdEaters, i got this website on my fav's , its very usefull to check wats goin on here and there ; ) !

and Alchemist , just another book on my bookshelf waitin to b picked :(

لما كتاب أو رواية الكل تقريبا يقراها او يتحجى عنها افقد المتعة في قرائتها :x donno y ..

and about pucccaa... i'd go for the beskuit ;p , yo3ana :(

EXzombie said...


finish the Shogun already.....!!!

for allah sake I am waiting since last may for you to finish it.....!!!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank you for the info :D

the too much talk about a book makes it less interesting for me too! however the alchemist is a capturing one ,, all you have to do is read the first few pages, the intro is nice

as for the biscuits they are mighty YUMMY :D me looooove them ;p



My son,

you told me about it in May but I only got it early July! ;p and I will read it sooner or later akeed, but I have to say that its not an easy book, too many details and I wasn't making progress with it, so I decided to go for something else "also waiting to be read" then back to it :D

we, the homo-Asexuals said...

The Alchemist is brilliant! After my Ayn Rand reading saga which lasted for like, 3 years I think I am going to strictly stick to reading Mark Haddon, Tony Parsons and the Speaking Tree series.
Ayn Rand spaces me out.

غريب said...

وأنا بعد البلوق العربي مأذيني

Q80-Chill Girl said...


the Speaking Tree series as in the Indian times that are published in books now??

Ayn Rand , thank you for introducing such a name! i will defiantly try to read for her i visited the "wiki" and got a lot about her that made me eager to read for her, oddly i bought a book about metaphysics and she happens to tackle that in her books.


الوضع ببلوقر مع العربي حده عبيط