Monday, 14 January 2008


"Volvic is my favorite water" I said to my self while looking at the volvic bottle near me,,,, that brought back a good memory of an old post I wrote. The time is different and many people are missed and things have changed a lot, this is the second time today I carry those feelings, as we roved around Kuwait me and my mother we did not find the people we were looking for nor the exact things we were looking for, time has changed and people did too...

At times I wished that we could trade our years, sell some in return for others, in the search of what pleases us we might think that this is appropriate, not realizing that no matter what we sell of our time to buy the good times we will not be satisfied and that any good/ pleasant time is precious by its surroundings not by it self alone.

Happiness is a thing we can find any where any time, and if at one point a flower could make us smile we should expect that in one day it might not! not because the flower is not a flower any more, nor because the time is different but because we are different.

Its us not the time that change rapidly, however the best thing to do is to enjoy every bit of life all along the way.


error said...

i dont like volvic!

Marzouq said...

On a side note.. changed from being all volvic to being all evian because of volvic's high sodium content, which isn't good for people with kidney problems! lol!

Some things change and somethings remain the same:)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Oddly after Volvic comes Abraaj for me, which is not natural!

ولولا اختلاف الاذواق لبارت السلع


I was visiting ur blog ams thinking i didnt pass by there for a while! oddly I don't seem to see your posts in Alsafat! is it me or something wrong?

True its S is 11 around 6 or 5.5 i forgot! and it is true, the lower the Sodium level the better the bottled water is :D

What I really hate are the things lost.