Saturday, 16 February 2008

تصريح يبرد الجبد


New Bride said...

waaaaay eee walah ana mno el9b7 7adeee m7traaaaaa

q8philic said...

وبشر القاتل بالقتل
اي والله مافي كويتي (( شريف او غير شريف)) يدافع عن المجرم عماد مغنية

Suhail said...

ما برّد جبدي :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

New Bride

I don't blame you, I was furious when I knew that a memorial was being done in KUWAIT for who tried to RUIN Kuwait and assassin its Ruler! by Kuwaiti people?! It was like hell to me!


صاج! لا شريف ولا غير شريف


:) رايك اخوي ،، و عساها تبرد جبدك لي تكحلت عيونا بشوفة اللي سوا التأبين ايتعاقب او على الاقل يعتذر لاسر الشهيدين و للشعب اللي تم تهديد حاكمه بالقتل من قبل حزب "ايلفي" اللي مثل عماد مغنية و غيره

Ge6awEe said...

ana ely msta3'reba minah is el 7e6'oor!! people.. KUWAITI people actually attended the memorial.. shay fe3lah yeghar el wa7ed! ma fakeraw eb 3yal lekwait ely mataw! ma fakeraw shinu sawa hal mujrem eb 7ayata.. masawa shay zain! kela thab7 o dam.. a MEMORIAL!! in KUWAIT!!! shay fe3lan y7ez bel 5a6er ena ahal lekwait yet9arifoon hal ta9arof..

Anonymous said...

What are you going on about? Although I do not understand a word of what you just said one thing I know is it's very profound.
PS : Any thoughts on a national memorial for Hedaya Sultan

Q80-Chill Girl said...


انا مستبشره خير، ردة فعل الحكومه زينه "وزير الداخلية تحديداً" و هم الشارع الكويتي واقف وقفه حلوه و بعد النواب واقفين ضد كل من شارك بهالتأبين الاغبر

AD = aka. Anonymous

Well if you are referring to whats in the post, its not me actually its a quote from the Minister of Interior, as for the title yes! its how I felt when I read what he said,,, thank you for the compliment