Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Digital Prints of the Everyday Life : By Loaay *Review*


And so around 12 noon I had sometime to pass by the Exhibition, today is the last day and the evening period is from 4-8pm

The following is my review of what I saw in Beit 28,,,, Dar Al-Funoon

Around 12 noon I went there alone, and enjoyed it very much and I must note that three of the pieces made me smile,,,, I did look as if I was crazy for a bit, smiling so happily alone.

note the following is with respect to numbering not when i viewed them nor how much I liked one or the other :}

1: No.17 : A million Shades and one Huw, 2005

Huw has the most adorable look! and I could not resist smiling back at him, a lovely portrait, although I noticed that most of Loaay's work is somewhat abstract which is a thing I liked very much since most of my work is abstract, at times colors and shapes speak more clearly than anything.

The painting simply illustrated a little Utopian child, with a charming look! from the painting, to be more exact the digital effects you could not tell his true color nor exact features but the abstract way the artist chose to mix with this live portrait added a lot, its not an every day portrait anymore, it kept me smiling and thinking about his choice of colors.

2: No.18 : Cold Edinburgh, 2005

The love of Cherry Blossoms did not come in as a surprise, since the artist expressed his passion for the Japanese culture and in a charming way the music he listens to while working way playing in the background, which mixed the Japanese culture and the soft Jazz in the same time "at least this is what I could concentrate on, since the music created an amazing background for me while walking around the exhibition and for moments there I lost time and space and enjoyed the atmosphere fully",, back to the painting's description, when I read it my smile kept becoming bigger and bigger that is a lovely portrait that has an abstract finish.

A quote from the description for the painting in the exhibition guide:

"Cherry blossoms are the artist's favorite flowers. In that moment LOAAY didn't see a person, he saw a cherry blossom weathering the cold season to bloom in spring. Her cherry coat and the way she sits on that bench with her arms crossed, her knees touching each other and her feet that are too cold to fully touch the ground, assisted the artist to see a feeling instead of a visual"

That was an amazing description! and if you are curious, its the picture on the cover of his exhibition guide and also the brochure which you can find in his website.

3: No.27 : Seeing life through color, 2007

Seeing life through color made me VERY happy just to see it and how cute, small it was! To me it had a more extended meaning, other than what was written about it in the guide! I enjoyed its size, we can color our life no matter how small the colors are we still can see them and find our smile through them :}

And many more are displayed and are worth seeing and buying if you are an art collector, the most capturing of the fully abstract paintings were "What doesn't kill you" and "Reviews" these two also captured me and made me stare at them for a while...

All in all I enjoyed Loaay's exhibition, and look forward to see more of his work, proud of him as a Kuwaiti artist Allah Ywafgah,,,, And a special thanks to Mr. Loaay for inviting me to a lovely exhibition ,, thank you very muck :D


Marzouq said...

I wish there were more art galleries across Kuwait! It would be beautiful! Thats for sure!

Q80-Chill Girl said...


I was amazed when I went there, and was very happy to know about this exhibition by the artist him self who was so kind to invite me there, I thank him for letting me know of such a lovely exhibition and a place like Dar Al-Funoon which will soon host an exhibition aimed to raise money for Beit Abdullah "Children's Hospital"

The Kuwaiti art scene is a thing that we should celebrate and encourage :D I will try my best to do so