Friday, 22 February 2008


And here I am awake for almost a day in like 3 more hours! and have a big day ahead, so what other than my dear blog to spend a few minutes with? trying to vent and maybe fall asleep :)

I pity those who find their value with how much money they have, to them I say: get a life!

The never ending tasks list seems to get bigger as we get closer to the zero hour, the tension is higher, the solution is to cut the story short, do your tasks as efficient as possible! make your mind and be precise, especially if you are dealing with indecisive women! you have to take the lead and be simple, straight forward and cut the crap out!

I finished the Alchemist, have a big review that needs to be revised before publishing, it will come soon

With all the political things going around the urge to write about them is getting bigger! this is a sign of aging! I hope I don't become grumpy?! Still I will try to keep this blog as quiet and peaceful as possible, however!! Kuwait is on the top :) so I might spice up the blog every now and then

With all the dust around, الله يعين اللي فيهم حساسية

Nothing worse than a control freak, but the weak who is controlled!

Facebook to me, a spark that is fading

No more in my brain to write, nighty people

Oh one more thing, McDonald's kids meal for girls offer Hello Kitty toys :D


Marzouq said...

LOL @ Hello Kitty!

I know what you mean when things pile up, but I tend to make sure my brain wakes up at the appointed time!

It seems you had a lot to say in this post! :)

Good luck with all the things you have to do!

Big Pearls said...

control freak..e7em e7em..that catched me attention..I am a bad one :(

Anonymous said...

I love hello kitty ! You shall, see my stuff !

and take allergy pills .. they will make u sleep like a baby :)

Eva said...

yess and i got the camera one :D , the camera toy
and the whole day i was messin with my freinds

اب اي كاميرا تبون اصووركم ؟
و اطلع الهلوو كيتي و السيمي بروفشنال كام :p


3ala golat a friend هلا غبراير

Am out of country , but well s3odeya , still ghbaaaaaaar ..

And am waiting for ur BIG REVIEW :D

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Hello Kitty is the queen, I can not skip her ;p

I had so much to do and even more that came on the last minute to be done to the extent I wrote every single thing, I found my self writing buy water! this is when people relied on me and they were amazingly creative in torturing me LOL

I did, I tried to sum up the thoughts as much as I could, I wanted to elaborate but tiredness and the wish to not recall every detail stopped me :D

Big Pears

hello :D
Try to control it, the hardest thing is when you decide something relating with other's life (if you meant it or not) it can be bad, the case that I spoke about is about two people with the bossy one being a drama-holic, so every thing was exaggerated and made worse! I hope your not bossy in that way ;p


I would love to see your stuff :D I adore the kitty queen :D

as for allergy el7mdillah it didn't hit me this time, and I am not a pill person, I don't remeber when I last had a panadol ;p


LOL I got the cam too, with the cute stickers!! and I am a sticker collector!!! :D so it was very amazing and fun

الغبار is our landmark in this winter! its the worse by far, so far ;p

as for the Alchemist, you should read it not for the reason's people said nor the good reviews it got, us coming from an Islamic/Arabic background we see more to it than the story :) and that what my review will carry, the story is nice but it had a lot of spices in it that needs to be looked at and thought of! when I have time today I will edit my review and finalize it, yesterday was my brother's day ;p thats why I could not scratch my head

Creative Juices said...


Quite an articulate blogger! Way to go...

Am relatively a novice in these parts, cd you guide me on how to link my blogpsot to the safat.kuwaitblogs aggregators. Thanks in advance.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Creative juices

Hi there,

you can simply add your blog to safat through this link

which is also found in the "" page :D

Dark AngeL said...

LoOl can I have a hello kitty :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Dark Angel

yes you can, e-mail me if you want I'll be in Dubai soon

Anonymous said...

Allaaahh Hello Kitty :) I am craving cheeseburgers right now.

Whatever you write ya Chillgirl, we will be very, very glad to read it. Anything you write - whether it is classic Chillgirl or political and about Kuwait il7abiba reflects a part of your heart for your readers and fans (like me) and that's what makes it so special.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Ms. baker

:* thank you for ur sweet words

and i truely appreciate what u said :D it pushes me forward :D

مشكورة :>