Sunday, 9 November 2008

The art of intimidation

Some people out there take intimidation as their favorite toy, to play around people with. They tend to create a whole new world for them selves where they rule and they set the lines of who is who. It can reflect many things, among them the lack of self confidence and the wish to ignite fear in the hearts of others for the aim of hiding one's fear!

How to deal with them?

Be confident & proud of who you are, as long as you have faith in what you do :]


Alia said...

lack of self confidence may sometimes require medical help

q8philic said...

actually this picture reflects whats happening every day from 8 to 9 am (the morning report of the pediatrics department )
who said that pediatricians are nice
they are monsters with cold hearts when it comes for presenting the morning case they enjoy playing with our nerves thinking that fear is the only motivation for learning .

sometimes confidence and proud are not enough !
god i miss the shooting range ...

and yes i hate peds
(this is applicable only in jordan)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


YES, it does wallah :D

Phiiiiiiiiilllllic :)

All I can answer ur claim that peds are monsters is with a name:

سهيل خمار

lol, and i hate intimidation, it makes you know for a fact that they are hollow inside, also some think just because they know more or lived more that they have the right to make you fear what they hold!

i got me a new point & shoot cam :D Nikon 10MP ... next is the Canon Powershot :>

the weather is AMAZING here

q8philic said...

is he syill alive ????
he is an exception and he works in private sector so he must be nice (peds actually nice with the patients but mean with the students )

and about the 10M nikon cam
وتكسرينها بالعافية


Ms. Baker said...

So true Chillgirl, so true. Intimidation tactics are part of the characteristics of empty minds and souls, as well as insecure and destructive personalities. Some people totally misunderstand what "self-confidence" means and make it into something completely negative and psychotic. They create a world of lies and make-believe to make their psychosis true and do their utmost to convince those who are weaker than they of it too.

The way I deal with such people is to pity them and then walk away. There isn't much to be done because you can't make or force people do the work they need to to reach a better place within themselves, or a more evolved character or personality. Such people will only tear you down and turn you into a mess yourself.

And I'm a Leo so my pride and dignity are of the utmost importance to me. Without them I am nothing- simply nothing ;)

Loved the picture. So cute LOL!

Ra-1 said...

Self confidence with a smile :)

Marzouq said...

I'm pretty good at intimidating only in certain situations! lol! But not to make somebody feel inferior! Its just sad!

friends of Kuwait in Tel Aviv said...

Intimidation comes easy to some - it's almost as if these individuals act on cue, whenever a vulnerable individual or circumstance presents itself before them. Intimidation in the work space creates a negative aura undermining productivity and attributing to a high rate of attrition and burn-out on the job.
I think I may now know what they mean by - 'People don't change jobs they only change their bosses.'

Q80-Chill Girl said...


and he is giving bo-3abood and his wife a hard time lol, he is so mean with them, but defiantly he is still THE BEST!

Ms. Baker

im a leo too :p
what u said is surely well said! i agree, but i deal with them as Ra-1 said :D confidence and a smile :D


yep! this is the best way to beat them :D


lol, ur officially off my "good people" list :p ma dreit ena u can be shreeeer!!

you mean Jerusalem? because we till date do not accept the existence to Tel Aviv, appreciate your kind approach but i can't skip the political impact of your nickname!

Intimidation is your government's game :) so i guess you can learn from the pros!

do not get me wrong, i have no problem with Jews, but invasion is unacceptable :)

Quantum of Boredom said...

The true lament about intimidation is when the intimidated turn intimidators.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Quantum of Boredom

VERY true, a few posts away I wrote a simple pragraph about one good person who was pushed to the extreme, and although i still adore her but i don't know weather she will be the same or not after what she went through

John Galt said...

Is intimidation regarded as leadership quality in industry today?

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The real Ever Changing Nickname :)

its not regarded, its more like forced to be by the ill-minded and weak

John Galt said...

Hey, steady now! You've blown my cover. Now that's what I call intimidation.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

It was not an attempt of intimidation more than it being an attempt of giving attention to a nickname that draws a smile on my face when ever i see it :)

you are too dear for me to think of intimidating you, the stranger with an ever changing nickname :p