Saturday, 1 November 2008

28 and 29 of October, 2008


It was an amazing night @ Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyah, exclusive to members. It was the "Traditional Costumes of Korea" night, Which I enjoyed very much and goofed in even more! I got my self into places I shouldn't be yet I did not get into trouble :> for some reason I was in this huge formal crowd with the VIPs and I'm just a simple member that thought this was like the other "public" events without special guests. The empty streets, large number of police cars for some reason did not ring a bell! Its definitely an unforgettable night where I put my self in a weird place but I'm glad no one asked me who am I :p

Oh and I did interrupt a car that was trying to park, also an other big trail of cars that brought more VIPs to the place, not after 15 minutes of all that had I realized what I did....

I did enjoy the show, and the company of a sweet old lady who was as impressed as I was!

I wished that I could catchup with the night after, for the "Traditional Costumes of Japan" but due to trouble with my baby "car" I was busy all the night of the 29th, that day too held a lot of nice stuff for me more goofiness from my side that's for sure! and a heroic act from a work colleague, who I thank very much :)

Before the night of the 29th ended I realised that you can be very hurt from someone "who you thought knew you" and still have space for them to lean on you. Also that there are a lot of humble good people out there who believe in the following as much as I do ...

Treat people as you like them to treat you
عامل الناس كما تحب ان يعاملوك

For who was there for me in the rain, helping with a lovely smile, I dedicate this post. Thank you.


Marzouq said...

Very nice! Seems like a very fun event! I always stay away from the police cars with the VIP, they have the right to hit your car!

Sometimes you can't trust everyone the way you think you can. You just gain that from experience!

Purgatory said...

seems you just did like what all kuwaities do



Enter-Q8 said...

البوست هذا موجهه حق منو
علشان اعرف اعقب

Alia said...

Althought I'm not a memberI decided a while ago that i should not miss any of their events, unfortunately .. I couldn't

I missed a lot :(

Glad you enjoyed it thought :*

Q80-Chill Girl said...


The problem was is that I didn't know a thing, and didn't think that the empty streets and increasing number of police cars is harmful :p and i didn't know i was in the vip place/ section/ reception! it was pure unintentional 3ba6

trust, hard to gain easy to lose! a very fragile thing to base a connection upon! ironic.


ما درعمت انا كنت على بركة الله و ربي سترها معاي ولا المفروض الحين انا بامن الدوله


سلمك الله البوست حمل مختصر مادار لي بيومين من حياتي

الاول كنت فيه على بركة الله و عفست الدنيا دخلت مكان متعوده عليه بس مادريت انه بهاليوم بيكون مخصص للوزراء و السفراء و رئيس مجلس الوزراء الكويتي و هم ضايقت لي سياره بتسفط و المشكله ما استوعبت ان قبل هالسيارة جت دوريه "يعني اللي فيها مهمين" بس اوخيتك كانت بيومها ماتدري وين الله قاطها بس الله ستر

و اليوم اللي عقبه تعلمت لي درس و ساعدني شخص، موقفين بيوم واحد علموني اشياء كثيره، و قدّرت اللي وقف بالمطر علشان يساعدني و تبهذل و هم بنفس اليوم صار لي موقف بين لي ان غلى اخوي اكبر من اي جرح


go for it, join for the exclusive events :p if ur still not tempted then i will try to post about the events b4 they happen :D

thax :* i loved that evening

Enter-Q8 said...

خبري فيك تصيدينها بسرعه

Q80-Chill Girl said...

لا و الله ماصدتها

:) الحاله الذهنية اللي انا فيها تستدعي انك تقطها كاش

شنو تقصد حجي؟