Wednesday, 19 November 2008

مجلس الامة ،،، خروف

كنت افكر بعمق بمجلس الامة و اللي صاير و فجأه على طاري مجلس الامة ،،،، ابي خروف

جيكوا الفيووووووونكه على الخروفه البيضااااااااا

ايهبلوووووووون خرفان مع منافعهم من باث اند بودي وركس :> ايشوقوووون حدهم حتى الاسود حلو :> وناسه ابيييييي

و هم اكو من نفس الكولكشن شنوووو؟ بطانية! علشان انتلحف و انلم الخروف ،، اي و الخروف ايتعطر ، و اشيااااء اشكثر ، اللنك فوق عند كلمة خروف فيها كل شي :> بصراحة مبدعين باث اند بودي وركس

ملاحظة: العنوان و المقالة ليس لهم ابعاد سياسية و تم جمعهم بعفوية مطلقه :> مليت من التفكير بالسياسة و لقيت الخرفان ابرك عالاقل لما شفتهم ابتسمت


Purgatory said...


Broke said...

Loved them !

When will they open Bath&body works in q8 ?!


Someday said...

I saw the white sheep bs '7eft a'7thah! I wanted as a toy for a new born:/ they are kinda small but the softest ever! back then I thought they were sponges!

Anonymous said...

Alllaaaaaah abeeeee! Niiicceee, Chillgirl :) I want the grey and black faced little lambee. And the all-black one too! Simply love Bath and Body Works shower gels, body lotions, and hand sanitizing/disinfectant stuff, but Crabtree and Evelyn is my all-time classic favorite since I was 16 years old (sij 7ajeeya 3ateejat il-9oof, aren't I). And don't get me started on the fantastic, amazing, gorgeous Molton Brown stuff- OMG!

And sewalif majlis il-umma makes me itchy and nervous, so I am in a parliamentary blackout state of mind these days. I cannot bear to hear any more of the rabraba oo kharabee6 min 9obhum. I much prefer US politics. Far more hope, inspiration and possibility there... lil-asef...

Broka: Itaamreen for your BBW fix sweetie, tadreen :*

Q80-Chill Girl said...




I don't know, and din't really understand WHY?! I love their Japanese Cherry Blossom line :/


lol @ the sponge :p 3adi kho i thought the blankets were towels lol

Ms. Baker

They are amazing and their products are real unlike bodyshop's fake stuff

as for Majlisna and the high BP can't blame you, although I hate it too and hate politics in general but those days I can not skip how stupid people are and how is it that they don't understand that all what's happening aims for the death of democracy! leaving us with the choice of: since ppl can't rule then we should!!

i wonder why can't ppl see that comming?!?

بوتشخيص said...

amana abrak hehe :)

Miu Miu Meow said...

Tender lamb cuts you have there! :) And I am thinking Mariam had a little lamb,Little lamb, little lamb go fill in the blank s'il vous plait......

نون النساء said...



حلم جميل بوطن أفضل said...

I was here

Q80-Chill Girl said...

بو تشخيص

حي الله :> و اكيد ابرك، على الاقل لي شفت هالخرفان تبتسم

Miu Miu Meow

I see a lot in the horizon :) but i will stick to my grounds, for i meant only what was seen which resulted from a frustration moment along with the hope for the best... Im not sure though weather my lambie will follow me or not :P


لوول عليج بالعافية بس مادري عن التوصيل يوصلون للكويت او لاء انا شغلي كله وصاة اوصي خلق الله اللي برا

حلم جميل

welcome here

libero anima said...

lol adowable !