Friday, 7 November 2008

From pole to pole

From pole to pole, started the journey of BBC's Planet Earth. Although I'm not fond of documentaries about our planet but this one is pretty good! an award winning kind of good :) I enjoyed it more than March of the Penguins, its available @ virgin in Marina Mall, or you can get it much cheaper from here!

*Update: the series was recommended by EXzombie our fellow blogger*


Marzouq said...

The best documentary I have ever seen! Seriously! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I've seen it ,,, and it's the best of the best !
i got it free "" torrent"" !!

EXzombie said...


who recomended it to you?

Traveleer said...

can you lend it to me? :P

Alia said...

3ash torrent :)

Alia said...

Oh ... & thanks for the recommendation

Anonymous said...

I bought it this summer but haven't watched it yet. I will now ASAP and thank you for the recommendation :*

g-dawg said...

First two shows of planet earth were good, but quite frankly I have seen many other HD nature programs on Discovery that were just as good, and the voice over about how, "this has never been captured before" got old real quick. I have also seen footage, on Discovery, of the snow leopards trying to make a kill. This footage was different and interesting but not unique. I also believe at least parts of this series have appeared in other Discovery nature shows--I definitely have seen the great white shark sequence and the hungry tigers attacking the elephant at night.

I am enjoying the series but quite frankly Blue Planet was more interesting because it was so different from what other nature programs had ever been able to show--too bad it wasn't filmed in HD like planet earth (and I do think David Attenborough was a far better narrator than Sigourney Weaver--everytime I hear her voice I always expect an alien to pop up)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


it looks promising


:> im not a torrent fan, im getting old and impatient ;p


you did
forgot to write that in the post, will update it now :)


sure :D right when im done


lol, ur a torrent lover too!
and ur most welcome dear :*


Then we will see it at the same time :> it would be nice to share our reviews once done with it


welcome back :D the comer from whimsicalcollective

Well im not the biggest documentary fan but what you said is definitely enlightening :D

I will try to get blue planet, and Sigourney is a plus, i think her voice is very dramatic!