Saturday, 15 August 2009

Lemonade from Salad Boutique

I tried this new place in Jabriyah called Salad Boutique a while ago, I adore their #60 on the menu "My special by Ghadeer", the salad's are a bit over priced BUT it's not a single person portion, the salad can feed up to 3-4 persons, I literally got tired eating my first! and did not finish it. Other than number 60 I tried a few stuff in their menu, pretty nice, I only wish if they would offer us the option of ordering hald a portion :>

Anyhow What got into me is their Lemonade! I'm not a Lemon / Citrus person and the only form I drink lemon juice in was my old time childhood favorite Barrad or Slush. Barrad is what they called Lemon slush in Jordan or something close to it :> it used to be the best part of my days when we went there for the summer, since it was not the most enjoyable summer destination, so in the hot August afternoons, we would go to the shop around the corner and fill two jugs to cool off the heat for the two or three families staying at Grandma's house over there. I enjoyed the company of my cousins there and how a house would gather us all. The flashback hit me today when I decided to take a Lemonade after the gym.


Anonymous said...

all this for lemonade !!! boring dusty kuwait

Itsallg000d said...

I agree with you about the portion size. They should indicate this somewhere since many people would think that they are very pricy. Also, they need to have pictures in their menu, they have about 67 salads.
Did you see their 75 KWD salad? I wish to see its picture!

bel 3afiay :)

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Yep :) and it's my blog and free space to say what ever I want, you could have skipped commenting if you don't like it :> annnnd as for q8 to me it rocks :> and the option of leaving it is open to every one


I agree with the pictures! it would really help due to the variety in the menu, and YES what was that about? 75KD @!@ just for the sake of fish eggs?! :> am curious if any one ever ordered it and liked it? :>

Just Another Blogger said...

yeah i've been to that place, but what i did there was drop off my friend there and drove off. And asked him to walk home. I'm evil i know.
The lemonade seems perfect for this weather.

abhi said...

you may have to put the recipe also.
The pic is nice

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL, yes you are! unless he/she is over weight :p then u wanted him/her to use the exercise :p

Sorry I didn't note it but the picture is from the net :D and I don't have the recipe I never asked for it :D try their lemonade and if you like it you can ask them for it :>