Monday, 3 August 2009

From here and there

Waterlemon was there :D Didn't eat in it since we already have it in Kuwait, but it was nice to see it :>

المواساة و الدعم المعنوي / النفسي شي من اساسيات غالبية علاقة الصداقات النسائية، فلم "اهو مو مهتم فيج هالكثر" يشرح الفرق بين نظرة المرأة و نظرة الرجل للأمور، صحيح الفلم يركز على العلاقات العاطفية بس هم عطاني نفحة من كتاب النساء من الزهرة الرجال من المريخ "اللي ما قدرت اكمله، لاني اعتبرت محتوياته معروفة بالنسبة لي" و الحلو ان الفلم يبين شلون التكهنات و التحليلات الانثوية ساعات تودي بداهية، الفلم ممتع. اللي ذكرني فيه اليوم و انا بمكان بهالديرة شفت رفيجتين و وحدة تشكي لصديقتها و ما مداني مريت صوبهم مره ثانية الا وحدة فيهم تبجي، البجي مفيد و ظاهرة صحية بنظري و التنفيس شي مفيد "ساعات" بس اللي تميت افكر فيه، هل يا ترى رفيجتها قاعدة تواسيها بس؟ ولا قاعدة تعطيها نصايح في كيفية التعامل مع الوضع؟ و هل هالنصايح بمحلها ولا تودي بداهية؟ :> الله اعلم

A lot of people wish that Kuwait becomes financially/ architecturally like Dubai, I don't. There is always a + and a - , between Kuwait City and Dubai, I found the loss of the city's identity and scarcity of locals to be the most important thing observed! The expats were the majority seen all over Dubai, the concern about the demographic structure immediately hit me, how will it be in 20 years of time? I liked Dubai very much and the people a lot, although I met very few in this trip and also known quite a few along the years in the internet, who I must say that all of them were and are fine people. But I hoped for less buildings and construction to be there and also less expats, YET it seems to work for Dubai's economy, and it is certainly a glowing city :) What I really wished to have is a city in between the oldish Kuwait City and very new Dubai. Abu Dhabi is my next city to explore in the UAE.

أحد لاحظ ان المشروبات في موقع طلبات "تستطيع"؟ اختي لاحظت و قالت لي


Dracula said...

I like the idea of Kuwait being in between its old self and the new Dubai, it's a very unique kind of style.

Keep up the wonderful posts =]

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Thank you for passing by :D and will do, sorry for the delay in commenting