Sunday, 22 November 2009

BlackBerry Mocha Rice pudding!

Yesterday till around 2pm my BlackBerry was a smart mobile phone, now with my clumsiness I turned it into an edible device!

Since it was raining I decided to keep my canvas bag in the car "which reminds me that I should not wear it in winter anytime soon! unless its a ceiling-full area!" took the essentials only: Wallet, car key and BB. I decided to take coffee to go and sip it on the way back, enjoying the rain, for some odd reason the idea of throwing my stuff into the coffee bag was acceptable with me, due to the fact that the car is close. I reached the car to find out that there is a mini-Mocha pond in the bag! mobile full of coffee, no dripping :> literally I was actually trying to open the lock and see the bbm's b4 I take off the battery LOL *talk about addiction!*

So took out the battery hoped that it will dry out, thinking that it did not drink enough coffee :) After the illusion of thinking it was dry I put the battery back alone "little brain activity showed here" to be shocked with a white screen filled with brown liquid spots! Turned it off again took the battery out and let it dry.

Sharing the awful coffee incident with Tweet-peeps, Shaymaa and a friend gave me the advice of putting it in rice to absorb the moist, in the rice it went :D

Now am back to my lovely red SE T700 which actually made me feel how simple my life was with out the BlackBerry, however I do feel out-connected and outdated :/ also writing a text message with a 12 button keyboard is weird! I unintentionally slip to the BB letters position LOL, to end up with an encrypted message! It is also a little weird to click ....

g - h
d - e
j - k - l
wait a bit or press down arrow
j - k - l
m - n - o

to just write HELLO :p not to mention pressing the "zero for space" issue! Not to mention peeking at the mobile to check out the led light :/

Now after that I left the rice-full Mocha stained BB at home, went on with my day, around 6pm decided to take it to the highly recommended phone shop in Al-Yarmouk area, took it out of the rice to notice that there are a few rice pieces inside! With a lot of wiggling, hitting, waving it around I got rid of most of the rice, one piece remained visible BUT instead of taking out the tiny piece trapped near the memory card slot I pushed it in! And there you go: Blackberry Mocha Rice pudding! I could see the rice starch on the keyboard edges LOL.... There you go, with a bit of my magic I turned a very respectful smart phone into an edible device!

Wont elaborate on how embarrassing it was to tell the guy at the mobile shop about what my BB had suffered, will leave that to your imagination :p


EXzombie said...

this only work with water, coffee when evaporated will leave the coffee particles in the BB, and the rice trick is good for moist not mocha!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

عب ربووه

LOL, yeah that is an other piece of info that I missed out on, ALSO they said "put" it in rice not BURY it in rice,, they guy still tells the technician "this coffee rice mobile" :D the embarrassment was intolerable