Wednesday, 11 November 2009

ペチャクチャ #3 - Kuwait City!

Earlier tonight I attended the third Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait :) which I learned today how to pronounce it properly :p its said as "pe-chak-cha" which is a Japanese term for conversation "chit-chat". The idea was introduced in 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Tokyo's Klein-Dytham Architecture. Pe-chak-cha is basically a 20X20 presentation! You have 20 pictures/slides to show the people and with 20 seconds for each :)

I met a friend over there, and we both really enjoyed the atmosphere, live band and over all event. I had a lovely evening on the quiet beach, people were happy I enjoyed every face/reaction over there :> kudos to Dr. Asseel Al-Ragam for introducing such a lovely non-profit highly entertaining and creative event such as Pecha Kucha to Kuwait! THANK YOU BIG TIME :)

Presenters can be anyone with something interesting to show! Artists, Architects, Designers, Photographers ,, etc. The third Pecha Kucha night in Kuwait had the following presenters:

1- Farah Behbehani : Extremely creative and mixed the traditional Arabic calligraphy with modern designs, she created beauty out of simple text! Her book "The Conference of the Birds" illustrates her creativity, it was a very enlightening presentation that inspired me a lot!

2- Ismael Abedin : Funny and very educational! The moment I saw him I thought, I know this face, only when I came home and looked up my followers did I know that this very funny man has been generous enough to be one of the people who follow my blog, am glad with every one of them I might say too. So other than being funny he really sent a very noble message to all people living in Kuwait through the eyes of a foreigner, wanting them to keep it clean, and wished for the future generations to be more aware and express their love for Kuwait by action :) he saw the hidden beauty of our beloved Kuwait, he gave us a good lesson of how blind we can be, wishing that every one would start with cleaning after them :>

3- Dana Al-Hasan : I could not look up information online about her, she had a good concept in her presentation but did not present it well and I guess she was a bit shaky but all in all it had a nice idea but defiantly needs to improve her presentation + idea flow.

4- Loaay Ahmed : "I think he is this Loaay that I gladly attended an exhibition for his work once" but am sure he's the Baazar Loaay :D catch the latest issue of Bazaar magazine and you will see his articles. His presentation was interesting, the most interesting idea is that the focus when any big business faces a crisis should be on its heads not the little fresh people in it, after all the failure is the responsibility of the head of all, not the little DO'ers! who are in fact the real working force of any organization and defiantly NOT the highest in cost :) Also the I liked the idea of diverting your attention to the feasible/ optimum is sometimes more profitable that looking up for the best!

5- Fareed Abdal : There was something missing in his presentation it could have been better, I loved his depth of linking the words with philosophy and that he takes words/ sayings for granted and really puts a lot of thought into them! Using text, calligraphy and colors to deliver his thoughts. He made his presentation interesting by the concepts he illustrated, however I wished for a more live and vibrant way of presenting.

6- Abd Al-rahman Al-Terkait : Due to technical difficulties the organizers faced, the presentation was slow at sometimes which effected greatly on his presentation due to the interruption of the sound that was playing in the background. Probably the most touching presentation that night, he showed us pictures of children from allover the world, childhood at its purest forms. Although most pictures were sad but I fell in love with a girl's smile, she took my heart out, and I was very touched when I saw how difficult life is to those kids, and how of all those difficulties they face they still do have the loveliest smiles you could ever see, just to be posed for a camera! I was very touched by his presentation and wished to know the story behind it all, and how to help those kids, more elaboration was needed.

7- Teddy B : The famous new addition to the Kuwaiti blogs, a true phenomenon in the current blog-o-sphere! A year long project with a teddy, in pictures :) implementing many ideas, one in person would not have been able to do. Teddy B symbolizes the creativity in presenting pictures with thought. After a year Teddy will do a lot and donate to charity a lot, however during his year he is also adopting good causes. In a cute simple way, he is spreading awareness and putting some thought in what we do/see in Kuwait .. I love Teddy B :D and loved the card even more ;)

Again I thank Dr. Asseel Al-Ragam very much from the heart for her work :*


Deema said...

thank you dear so much for I couldn't make it to the night and i really wanted a review!


abedesign said...

Thanks Q80 girl for attending the event!!
Thanks also all people that went to the event yesterday... all presenters were really nice! and music so nice also.

BTW, If someone can help me to exhibit some pictures of Kuwait that i present yesterday,anywhere in Kuwait. I will be more than thanked. Email me to
Let's share our experiences here!
(And lets do a cleaner Kuwait)

Best for everyone

Enjoy Kuwait !

Teddy B. said...

I love you too! I'm glad you liked the card, thank you for your comments and an amazing review! It was an amazing night and I was honoured to be up there with all these artists and great thinkers.

Khalid said...

thnx 3al post :)

Marzouq said...

Great Post!! Seems like you had some fun, I wouldn't have minded going to but this past couple of weeks have been busy as hell!

Thx for Teddy on the Go! Seriously amazing shots and fun way to be aware!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

uw dear :D glad my post was beneficial :*

UW :D I will ask around :> again u did a great job :p ur code name is the chicken guy ;)

Teddy B.
U did very well I love u and wish u to complete ur year and finish it as successful as you are now! All the best


Same here, but for some reason i made time for this event :D although i came home late for a family event & was a bit embarrassed :p but it was worth it, a lot of fun! the location and live band mostly gave it a different taste :> u should attend the nxt if u have time