Thursday, 24 February 2011

January 30 of 2011

I was going on with life, decided to meet a friend in Marina Crescent, she liked one coffee house I liked an other, we decided to sit with the one that has the best view and my coffee won :p When all of a sudden I saw those three

I spotted three cute Starling birds, Zarazeer "as called in Kuwaiti" , stumbled upon this really cute one :} and zoomed on

There is this national connection with the Starling, the color is so merged with our environment, its size makes it even more adorable. I liked this cute bird, although it might be far and fly away in life, I might not even get the chance to have it, it was a joy to see it in its natural environment, with its friends, happy :)

و رب صدفة خير من الف ميعاد، صدفة ملئتني بالأفكار و الابتسامة


LiL ALiEN said...

يبيلج نباطه

Q80-ChillGirl said...


بييييييييه من حك المصبااااااااح لوول

حي الله الفضائي ،، نهي نباطة و نعم لحياة برية حرة