Saturday, 17 December 2011


At many times, in Twitter, I tend to write a few random thoughts that come across my mind, the bad thing about Twitter is that it stores up to 3,000 tweets in your timeline! Including replies and RTs, and there is no easy archiving way to go back to your tweets!!
I use the hashtag #RandomThought to write and scatter a few, here and there in time, in my timeline. So for the sake of documenting, I decided to write them down in a post :} The following are tweets labeled with #RandoumThough from my timeline, in various points of time and some other tweets that I count as random thoughts.....

When you miss who you thought they were, you don't really miss them.. So, fix your brains! #RandomThought

  الاصل بالوقت أنه محايد، نمنحه لمن/ما نريد، فلا تعلق وقتك بمن لا 'يملك' وقت لك #فكرة_عابرة  

When you look back and can't find good memories, you should stop looking back!  

When you look back and do fine good memories, cherish them, plan to create more :>  

Wanting something, is not a guarantee that it's good for you :} #RandomThought  

When sarcasm covers your bitter reality, you are strong & funny, when you forget that reality, you become ignorant. #RandomThought  

I thank the man who taught me that loss is a part of life, Black isn't a proof of solace, moving on with a good memory is faith #Myfather  

If you can't find the time, you simply don't care :} #RandomThought  

When putting your faith into a theory, remember, its only a "possible" interpretation :} & 100% is an exaggeration of 99.9 :>  

Even if your doubt is 99.9% confirmed NEVER forget that the 0.1% can flip the whole outcome of you actions :}

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