Thursday, 1 December 2011

RIP - Rest In Peace

I've always wanted to make my blog a peaceful space for me to talk about random interests, things that I like, from around Kuwait and what ever might interest me, however, I never lived with in the lines :) although I am a perfectionist and an order loving person, yet I do not like perfection nor fixed order, a little madness is required to have fun and perfection is dull when repeated over and over.

The distance between personal and private is the most I try to keep intact, it is not a secret who I am but my personal life is mine. What I share online from my personal life is not private and I am not a secret, if you have been around the blog-o-sphere long enough you would know who I am. Yet some mix privacy with secrecy, to those I say, I don't have to explain my self :} I and only I have the right to talk about what I want, when I want, private or public, as long as its "personal".

November just rested, in peace I hope, its the most eventful month in 2011 to me "personally". The 19th is the peak on the personal level. Wednesday night 23rd on a National level, the 24th also and the 28th. However December of 2011 is making it up.

Last note, the worse part of missing someone is how much you love that person, everyone tells you that time will heal your pain, that death is a part of life, resting in peace is a good thing, but none tell you how to deal with that longing provoked by your love. However, the ones who are close and know, who tap your back with their kindness, be there for you despite their busy life, who offer a visit, a word, a text message, are simply amazing.

Since its my post I decide whats last :p I shall close with this tweet that might fade away with time, since twitter keeps 3000 tweets:

I thank the man who taught me that loss is a part of life, Black isn't a proof of solace, moving on with a good memory is faith #Myfather