Saturday, 14 April 2012

Random thoughts on picks

Pick your fights

In life time is limited, life it self is limited by time, time has the upper hand, if we don't pick our fights well, we can become very good time waters. Main things to consider before entering a fight:

Can I see my aim out of it's circle, is it avoidable?
Is it repeated?
Value of the outcome, is it really worth it?

A dear friend used to ask me after every discussion "So who won? you or me?" my answer then, now, and forever will remain, BOTH! A fight is not a win-lose issue only, this is the proposal made by the general mentality people have, but a win-win situation is always a gain :}

If your side doesn't make it, find out why it didn't and that's your gain, even if some might consider you a "loser" you actually won!

If your side makes it, you gained someone else that considers your way/idea/mentality (will use idea for ease onwards) is right! BUT if you didn't get any gaps on your side, be very aware, nothing is perfect, perfection to us human beings is subjective.

I consider exposing your idea to different mentalities is a gain in all forms (typical: winning/losing), if its not right and didn't spread you should know why, and improve it. If you find gaps about it or in it, try closing them and look to your idea from that prospective "the gap finding one".

Don't repeat your fights, don't go through fights with the same mentalities they have with the same mentality you have! Do it smarter or simply don't. Finally do not focus on hearing "YES YOU WON" rather than winning on actual grounds :} Winning people's respect and tolerance is also important.

Pick your view

Instagram the latest addiction of mine, is a perfect example of how people "see" things, out of the least noticeable angles comes beauty. All over the accounts in that application you see how people interact with photography! By documentation, advertisement, spreading of Art or ideas, you name it.. In a way, more than writing in twitter or a blog, instgram or image publishing all in all, shows you really how people see life. So you can see beauty in almost everything, lower the bad or ugly and increase the pretty and good :}


Bloggylife said...

I totally agree. I even notice that with the available tools nowadays to voice our opinion and voice our thoughts there's so much arguing and most is just too prove "my" point right and not to listen to the others point of view. Just fight&win and not actually try and get "something" beneficial out of the "discussion".

Don't get into useless arguments. Think about what the other side is saying. Is it legitimate? Is it open to civilised discussion?

I admit sometimes I'm sucked into useless discussions because I couldn't contain myself but then I realise and retreat because I'm wasting my time and voice/keyboard stokes.

... And there's a point where I have to backoff because the only sensible comeback I have is a 9mm!

Of Mavens and Spin Doctors said...

A rather interesting take on Life, etc.

Q80-ChillGirl said...


LOL Love ur quick aggressive solutions, a trade mark! For me, I chose tranquility over everything else :}