Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Violet Concept Store

No I wont turn this blog into an AD page :p BUT a dear person invited me to this store "Violet Concept Store" she and her partner were there, welcoming, lovely spirits and with a unique concept!

Jugglers outside holding jewelery by Ingenious, they have a few pieces but that is not the juicy part that made me LOVE and write about them

They make custom made leather goods! Phone covers, leather straps for watches, wallets and boxes for jewelery & watches. The leather good made for you can be marked with your name, price? VERY affordable and compared to the leather and making quality VERY REASONABLE. Its actually cheaper than what brand names offer and is more personalized 

Ingenious pieces fall under simple chic, the type of everyday jewellery that will not cost you and arm & leg!

I decided to take this bracelet and matching necklace , the picture above is edited through my latest addiction, Instagram! I'm crazy about it, love easy publishing and editing, although I try to not use editing on pictures, love raw natural ones.

Violet concept store is located in Waqf Al-Babtain "Sababel" - Opposite to Al-Ameeri hospital on Ahmad Al Abdullah Street


Violet Concept Store Team said...

Thank You for your visit and for this great post :)

Q80-ChillGirl said...


You're most welcome :D all the works of your creativity :}