Friday, 20 April 2012

Where have I been?!

In the era of Twitter and Instagram, the tools to publish on the go, blogging seems is a bit time consuming, but has a greater joy to me :} This post will sum up most of the highlights in the past two weeks....

A banner @ The Sultan Center, if your into Jazz, check out the Gulf Jazz festival, coming up next week!

Reuse 5.0 is on now till 22nd of April, check out en.v website & follow them on twitter @env_initiative for more information, I will go in a few days inshallah & might post about it. I still have last year's pictures that I blame a lot my self for not sharing them! I need to find a solution for the boredom in blogging pictures, due to the long process I take in resizing them & adding the blog URL stamp.

Final note, go to reuse, support "REUSEing" :}

"REUSE is an annual exposition that serves as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public." via FB event page

احب الطيور و بالذات الزرازيير ،، هالزرزور كان مونسني كل صبح في كورس جدا ممل و موضوعه جدا جميل! مشكلة المحاضر ان اسلوبه هادي و على وتيرة وحدة و الموضوع جدا ممتع و يحتاج شخص عملي و متحرك اكثر، ذكرني باهم دروس حياتي ان المادة العلمية تعتمد على المرسل بقدر اعتمادها على المتلقي.

و على مدى ٤ ايام و انا اصوّر هالزرزور (او زرازير مادري لو تغير ، كلهم يتشابهون) و اخيرا باحد الايام عبرني و طالعني! من وناستي بنظرته سيدا انستاجرااااام :> 

ممتع انك تلقى اشياء بسيطة حولك تونسك ، عندكم شي يونسكم بالطبيعة او الناس اللي حولكم مثل وناستي بشوفة للزرزور؟ اذا لأجربوا تلقون لكم شي / شخص / مكان

Was an amazing NIGHT organized by DAI in collaboration with the USA Embassy in Kuwait , I have never heard Coco York before , what a strong beautiful voice she has mashallah! Mike del Ferro was on the Piano, his reactions while playing killed me, he was funny, however, when you listen to him play, you go to another world see this video for them in "My funny valentine"

Now the CHERRY on top, or shall I say cherries started off with ... Salman AlAmmari , a very famous Kuwaiti singer of old Kuwaiti songs. A huge shift in the mood, Mike tried to go along with some piano tunes but I am biased to "AlSout" art, to get a feel listen to this songs in youtube, this is one of my favorites by him called "إذا المرء - ّIf a person" based on a lovely old Arabic poem by AlShafe'i.

و عقب العماري دشت بنية "نسيت اسمها، يمكن بشاير؟" كانت تسمع يوكو تغني اليوم اللي قبل حفلتها في مركز الامريكاني ، فقالت لها تعالي غني! و رافقتها عازفة جاز سويدية :) ونسونا و بعدين شاب نسيت هم اسمه للاسف، و غنا لنا، بس بالنسبة لي فاصل العماري كان جميل. انا جديدة على فن الصوت و قام يطربني حديثا من سنتين تقريبا، العماري يعجبني و صلاح حمد خليفة بس اللي فعلا صوته عجبني سلطان مفتاح، و اهو اللي حببني في حسنها شل روحي

A really nice event, fototalks it was a 2 day event, included a general presentations, discussions and workshops. I mostly liked the live photographer's challenge where they gave 2 photographers 15 minutes to take a picture and edit "if needed" for a certain object, none knew what before the competition started :}

I'm looking forward for next year's fototalks , I think it was a great event, lacked publicity especially on twitter, I wished if it had a designated hashtag where participants shared their view of the event. All in all it was a great 1st time {:

Last but not least, attended this cine-concert for 4 cellos by "the musinema cello quartet" more info in Kuwait-music. In short its 4 cello performers who put a sound track for a silent movie, the performance was somewhat boring to me BUT when they made extra sounds "vocals" that added effects to the music, I took a pause and started to see the big picture! At the beginning of the performance  I either focused on the musicians or the movie, then kept watching the movie and forgot they were there, although I have a very wide view of the stage, here it hit me, the importance of sounds (music / voices) in a movie, how they are the hidden solders that might make a great performance, story and direction fail or succeed :}

Then it became more interesting, as I focused on the big picture, where really important factors of success are hidden and how you have to look very carefully into details to appreciate every bit was put in ANY effort. It was a nice experience.

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