Monday, 6 September 2004


Suddenly, for two days & today is the third I have nothing in mind to write about .. as if my brain just went blank from thoughts !!


Duke Fleet my first love

thats about it for now :)

hope you like them.


nibaq said...

Mmm comics there is nothing better than a comic store on wed. when they release the new comics. I miss my comic store just going through them and finding some good reads while picking up your regular ones. I just rely on tpbs now when I get the chance to visit one.

Oh check out my Grendizer action figure ,).

All I need now is the complete video collection and just watch the whole series back to back.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Way cool its really nice .. I used to have these Superman & Tarzan big magazines collections (mujldat, yearly issues), lost them after the Iraqi invasion, I was 10 at the time & I felt like I lost a valuable thing but my parents were like " just mag.'s you can buy other ones" & now I know I did lose a REALLY expensive & valuable thing :).

But surely there is no action figure series got to me like Grendizer NOTHING was better after it :}, never the less the breath taking Duke Fleet he was my prince charming, I still have some parts of the series but not the full collection lel2sf.