Saturday, 18 September 2004

!i~ BLOG of the week ~i!

The blog I chose this week may not have any thing extraordinary regarding the whole idea behind it :) its just an ordinary blog BUT with an extraordinary person behind it...

The blog is

Savior Machine Done By nibaq

The first & foremost thing I would like to note to is I have no idea what does "NIBAQ" means till now :} but I'm trying to figure it out, any how moving to the blog & what it contains..

He can get AMMAZING sites which you would never think that actually exist!!

I love his about Hello kitty posts :}

Grendizer has a bite of the blog

And lots & lots more, the interesting thing in this blog is you can search the posts according to categories (interests). Nibaq is in my opinion one of the people who you can call an anonymous soldier who makes an army win, does great efforts & loves to spread Kuwait.

Kuwait Blogs

Is a site he owns & gathers all Kuwaiti blogs & offers blog hosting if your interested... Kuwaiti blog listing (the main reason behind this site)... alot you can use from this site other than having a simple yet always updated list of Kuwaiti blogs you can have your own blog there & promote it.

Safat is also a thing nibaq has added to Kuwait blogs it's also a thing I like alot... want to know why I like it so much :} visit THIS link, Safat definitely saves time :). Try this LINK (RSS) which I also think of it as a mini tutorial very simple & straight to the point.

Kuwait blogs is also a blog it self :} there is an archive & very useful links for Kuwait & all about Kuwait. There I also found "mood less ::" an Arabic Kuwaiti blog I wrote about last week for being one of my favorite blogs .

The easiest way to put a link for Kuwait blogs (fully illustrated) which I have two of them in my site to promote a site I really like & get a lot of good stuff from :}. Photo blogs (which I love, I do like pictures a lot) are also there I'm telling you this guy is really working !! Check his work. Also he has a piclog/phlog too with an amazing nick (+965) rings a bell ! :).

Do you think we are done :} nope still a lot ahead because as I said this guy really works & likes to spread Kuwait around.


Is an other site/project he was in with a group of others like:

Mark also has a moblog

Rampurple also has a blog


Check it its little old but with a lot of good content, the site is aimed to talk to those who hate Kuwait & its a try to fix things up in the minds of people who get the wrong picture of Kuwait from here I thank them all for their effort.

Back to the Savior Machine blog still Kuwait takes some of the articles there :} ..So from here I thank NIBAQ for being so thoughtful, hard working, loving for Kuwait & wanting to promote for it :} . Thank you nibaq for your effort, wish you all the best & hope you come home safe since he is on a trip now.


Rampurple said...

i believe nibaq should have been ur first blog of the week for all the effort he was put in the kuwaiti blogeshepere... not only did he gather all the kuwait blogs on one site, allow us to view all updates from one site as well but i believe he is the one who encouraged the interaction between most bloggers.

.... and ya he does post the weirdest, strangest, and coolest things.

Q80-Chill Girl said...


Well it took me a while to gather info. about the man behind all this as I said he more than the blog deserves appreciation :} .. as for being the blog of the week in the 4th week well its not a rank or any thing !! its a review article which every week i talk about a blog I liked if it was a rank I would have made a list on the side to let people keep up with it, so each blog I write about to be the blog of the week is the blog of that particular week regardless of other weeks because each week there are more & more blogs to explore & write about, some blogs deserve to spend alot of time being explored & known about before writing about them.

Rampurple said...

ya i know it has nothing to do with ranking lol

i didnt mean it in that sense...

no harm done.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Okek Ramp. :} I'm happy all things cleared up

nibaq said...

Wow I was blog of the week and missed out on it being out for work. Thanks for the honor and kind words. But you haven't seen anything yet ,). Got some other stuff planned if I ever get time away from work to actually set them up and get them ready.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Hello there nibaq & wb home :}.. glad u liked the post & hope it gave u the appreciation u deserve .. im sure u have alot just keep up the good work & u will do something big :).