Thursday, 9 September 2004


If there is a thing on the top of the list of the things I don't like in me, it would be my sleep time thing. What I mean about that is if I'm sleepy at 10 & I don't go to sleep at that time for one reason or an other then I'm sleepless for at least 4 hours later if not ALL night LONG. Suddenly I feel like my bio. Clock is English! .. So here I am surfing my favorites sleepless....

-This site would be funny if ur ASP is Quality Net .. Don't know if it got serious again I left Qnet along while ago

-The Leb. Designer :) no need to give an intro.

-Lots of ideas but hard to find a whole piece

- Make over ??

- Sleepy?!

- Nice stuff for bedrooms

- Looking for tomorrows movie, actually short movie :) since time is valuable here in Kuwait even the KNCC doesn't dare to let us waste our time in a FULL movie !

P.S = if ur at night & have the speaker vol. high, nothing playing on ur player.. don't press the icons above, might scare you.

:} Nighty.


Purgatory said...

wayed long post wo many links, split them into 10 then you have things to post when you have nothing else to write about

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Well have no fear purg. I have alot of links in my fav.'s :}