Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Kuwaiti Traffic solutions ! (27/9/2004 @ 4:48 PM)

Yesterday while I was out there was a traffic jam because of an accident ! Traffic stops every where in the world because of accidents.. The thing that is amazing here is the Kuwaiti way of dealing with it (assuming all 20 or more cars passed by and dealt with the situation in a very impolite way were driven by Kuwaiti people!) the car in the red square had a driver ( like the other 20 or so who were before him/her & after him/her) that thought he/she is above the traffic jam & law too ! So simply he/she can use the safety lane to jump off other people & be ahead of them .. WHY !!??

This is one of the things Kuwaiti people should change, & yeah one more thing please DO NOT let any one crossover you even if you can spare the space UNLESS they are polite enough to signal, :} because I like being "n7esa" with the people who don't use their car's yellow light to signal.

Also there is a thing I wonder about, in the end of the traffic jam there was ONLY an ambulance with a person on the floor & I found out that ALL this traffic is not from the accident it self (cars have been removed to the safe lane on the road) its from the cars passing by & the drivers STOP to watch the man on the floor !! Its the act of "6masha" as Kuwaitis say! I hate that too & wonder what is the pleasure in watching a person beside a spot of blood ?!

Will they go like
Person A : Hey I saw a nice thing on the road
person B : Wallah !!! Wein?? eshlon??
Do u thing he/she will say a new GREEN space
Person A : A dead guy !

How would that be close to be watched/told ?


nibaq said...

What was with yesterday and traffic? Q8Chopper, Zaydoun and I all had topics about it. Must have been really bad yesterday for some reason.

I dont let anyone cross over unless they signal. I mean those things on the streering wheel are made to be used.

The worse place is the light for Faheel Road/Fourth Ring where cars are turning to goto Faheel, it like horrible there. You will see 2-3 lanes of cars trying to cut in and if you are waiting in line and they get access.

I think in Kuwait we have a Crash fetish.

Purgatory said...

You might be amazed to know that we have the same 6omasha in the Netherlands. We also have long traffic jams caused by people looking at accidents on the other side. But, we also get to know where traffic jams are online, on the radio and by signs on the road, which helps. We have wacked drivers there but not as bad as here.

forzaq8 said...

i once had a dream , where they installed gun torrents , linked to a comand post which control it , if it its traffic and you are trying to be an ass , they blow you up

BloBoz said...

Damn, I hate these ppl .

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Maybe because after the schools started here the traffic is so crazy every one had to talk about it :} .. I think people here might have a belief that the signal ruins the car or something but I definitely NEVER allow any one with out a signal & I expect the same is done to me (3aml el nas kma t7b an y3amlook). The main problem in Kuwaiti drivers is speeding I think.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

:} Looks like the whole word is as curious as people here :P .. The signs thing is pretty hard since we are in a poor country that its interior ministry cant afford signs :} .. how ever in the radio thing Nadya Sagger some times does it in her morning show on El-'3na2ya FM 103.7 which is a glimpse of hope.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

LOL :} Amen sister :P.

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Join the club :}.

Purgatory said...

poor country :)

The Don ® said...

Nibaq, You’re right, that’s really strange huh ??

Chillout Girl, You know what I hate the most of the most… is when I’m on a U-turn or any “ Luffah” in general, and I’m waiting for a moderately fast car to pass so I can accelerate and leave the Luffah, and all of a sudden, and after waiting like for ever for that car to pass, the %$#@%^* in the car decides to take the U-turn or the Luffah before me without signaling.. Now this makes me furious and ready for round one boxing right there..

Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Don,

I hear you man I hate that too !! no respect at all just makes me furious & gives u a clear pic how this person is like in real life !! i hate it too.. I had a car accident that wreacked my car 3 months ago where i was the one in the way & a U-turn was in the street am in so when im REAAALLY close !! goes out an indian driver with his old GMC truck, u can immagine the rest :} this is because he wasnt patient enough to let me pass o el-%$#@*! driver waited till i came close to pass !! .. any how driving here is very tricky every one should b careful. ESPECIALLY bikers :}

The Don ® said...

Hats up to ya.. read this post.. it’s exactly what you’re talking about.. As if I knew what happened to you..


Q80-Chill Girl said...

The Don,

:} as nibaq said we all spoke about it, then there must b something dead wrong here !! in Kuwait that is :P